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Part I, Tuesday, October 23, 2001
       Electrum Staters of KyzikosLots 1-6
       Greek Coinage, (Celtic, Italy)Lots 7-31
       Kings of MacedonLots 32-62
       Greek Coinage (cont'd)Lots 63-71
       Black Sea AreaLots 72-85
       Greek Coinage (Thrace - Athens - Corinth)Lots 86-115
       Greek Coinage (cont'd)Lots 116-136
       Greek Coinage (cont'd)Lots 137-149
       Greek Coinage (Seleukids, Judea, Egypt, others)Lots 150-184
       ParthiaLots 185-202
       Baktria, KushanLots 203-225
Color Plate: GreekColor Plate
       Roman Provincial CoinageLots 226-244
       Roman Republican CoinageLots 245-253
       Roman Imperatorial CoinageLots 254-270
       Roman ImperialLots 271-286
       Roman Imperial (cont'd)Lots 287-319
       Roman Imperial (cont'd)Lots 320-345
       Roman Imperial (cont'd)Lots 346-358
Color Plate: Greek and RomanColor Plate
BYZANTINELots 359-368
GEORGIALots 369-379
SASANIANLots 380-393
       Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, othersLots 394-430
       Qarakhanids, Iran, India, othersLots 431-453
Part II, Wednesday, October 24, 2001
       Austria, England, FranceLots 454-476
       FinlandLots 477-481
       Germany and German StatesLots 482-497
       Hungary, ItalyLots 498-508
       Lithuania, LivoniaLots 509-529
       PolandLots 530-554
       Poland (cont'd), Russo-Polish issuesLots 555-578
       Sweden, SwitzerlandLots 579-583
Color Plate: EuropeColor Plate
       Pre-Petrine CoinageLots 584-603
       Imperial Coinage (Peter I)Lots 604-613
       Imperial Coinage (Peter I - Catherine I)Lots 614-637
       Imperial Coinage (Peter II - Elizabeth)Lots 638-661
       Imperial Coinage (Elizabeth - Catherine II)Lots 662-688
       Imperial Coinage (Catherine II, cont'd)Lots 689-717
       Imperial Coinage (Paul I - Alexander I)Lots 718-735
       Imperial Coinage (Alexander I, cont'd)Lots 736-754
       Imperial Coinage (Nicholas I)Lots 755-775
       Imperial Coinage (Alexander II - Alexander III)Lots 776-795
       Imperial Coinage (Nicholas II, USSR)Lots 796-816
Color Plate: RussiaColor Plate
       Award and Historical MedalsLots 817-832
       Award and Historical Medals (cont'd)Lots 833-843
       Award and Historical Medals (cont'd)Lots 844-853
       Award and Historical Medals (cont'd)Lots 854-867
ICONSLots 868-876
Color Plate: IconsColor Plate