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       Electrum Staters of KyzikosColor Plate
       Electrum Staters of KyzikosLots 1-8
       Electrum Staters of Kyzikos (cont'd)Lots 9-16
       Greek Coinage, Gaul - MacedonLots 17-36
       Greek Coinage, Macedon - EgyptLots 37-65
       ParthiaLots 66-91
       Roman Provincial CoinageLots 92-117
       Roman Imperatorial CoinageLots 118-125
       Roman ImperialLots 126-139
       Roman Imperial (cont'd)Lots 140-165
       Roman Imperial (cont'd)Lots 166-181
       Color Plates: Greek and RomanColor Plate
       More Color Plates: Greek and RomanColor Plate
BYZANTINELots 182-192
       UmayyadsLots 194-197
       AbbasidsLots 198-204
       OtherLots 205-222k
       AustriaLots 223-229
       FranceLots 230-234
       Germany and German StatesLots 235-246
       Germany and German States (cont'd)Lots 247-259
       Germany and German States (cont'd)Lots 260-273
       Germany, Zeppelin medalsLots 274-277
       Great BritainLots 278-280
       ItalyLots 281-283
       NetherlandsLots 284-285
       PolandLots 286-299
       SwedenLots 300-303
       SwitzerlandLots 304-307
       TransilvaniaLots 308-309
       Pre-Petrine CoinageLots 310-344
       Imperial CoinageLots 345-372
       Imperial Coinage (cont'd)Lots 373-393
       Imperial Coinage (cont'd)Lots 394-418
       Imperial Coinage (cont'd)Lots 419-433
Coin-type JetonsLots 434-451
ICONSLots 452-462