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Welcome to our first specialized book sale since 1994. We have produced 11 Auction sales catalogs and were have been very busy doing coins. Thus, we are happy to have found the time to put together this fine offering of rare out-of-print and antiquarian tomes. Generally they fall under the broad rubric of Russian numismatics, including Russian language books on Ancient Coins and other topics. The Polish and Russian numismatic sections is likewise strong and important, highlighted
by Hutten-Czapski’s personal copy of his Russian work.


The books have been somewhat arbitrarily categorized with no cross-referencing, so I suggest that you study carefully all the sections. Enjoy and happy reading.



Dmitry Markov




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FOLIO                        over 13’’                    over 33 cm

QUARTO                            12’’                            30 cm             

OCTAVO                             9’’                             23 cm

12 mo                                  7-8”                      18-20 cm

16 mo                                  6-7”                      15-18 cm

24 mo                                  5-6”                      13-15 cm

32 mo                                  4-5”                      10-13 cm



MINT                   - no signs of wear or defects

NEAR MINT       - slight imperfection but no signs of use

VERY FINE        - near new, minimal to moderate signs

                                of wear

FINE                    - no serious defects, sign of use





1001      Ancient Coins in North American Collection. Bishop J. and Holloway R. WHEATON COLLEGE COLLECTION OF GREEK AND ROMAN COINS. ANS. New York, 1981. 32 pp., 32 plates. Bound in red cloth. Quarto. Mint     25.


1002      Ancient Coins in North American Collection. Mildenberg L. and Hurter S. THE ARTHUR S. DEWING COLLECTION OF GREEK COINS. ANS. New York, 1985. vol. 1, 194 pp., vol. 2, 142 plates. Bound in red cloth with gold lettering. Slipcase. Mint                                                                                                                                                                        60.


1003      Anokhin A. COINS OF ANCIENT CITIES OF THE NORTHWESTERN BLACK SEA REGION. Moneti Antichnich Gorodov Severo-Zapadnogo Prichernomor’ya. Kiev, 1989. 126 pages plus XXXII plates. Listing and illustrations of 566 Gold, Silver, Bronze coins of the Region. Russian Text. The best reference on the subject to date. Octavo. Hard bound. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                   20.


1004      Anokhin V. COINS OF CHERSONESSUS. Monetnoe Delo Khersonesa. Kiev, 1977. 175 pages plus XXXII plates. Listing and illustrations of 480 Gold, Silver, Bronze coins of Chersonessus from the 4th Cent. BC to 12th Cent AD. Russian Text. The best reference on the subject to date. Octavo. C-S 2641. Out of print. Hard bound. Very Fine                                         40.


1005      Anokhin М. HISTORY OF THE BOSPORUS OF CIMMERIA. Istoriia Bospora Kimmeriiskogo Kiev, 1999. 253 pp.  Map, illustrations of coins, etc. w/in text. A new historico-numismatic research by a well-known specialist in the field. Blue leatherette with gold and white lettering. Hard cover. Quarto. Near Mint                                                                          25.


1006      Antonovich V. DESCRIPTION OF COINS AND MEDALS KEPT IN NUMISMATIC MUSEUM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ST. VLADIMIR. Part I. COINS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. Opisaniye Monet i Medalei Chranyashichsya v Numizmaticheskom Muzee Univeriteta Svyatogo Vladimira. Kiev: Imperial University of St. Vladimir, 1896. ii, 283, (2) pp., indexes. 2,593 plus 450 descriptions. Octavo. Blue cloth. Very Fine                                             225.


1007      Apollonj Girolamo. L’AES GRAVE CIOE LE MONETE ITALICHE PRIMITIVE DEL MUSEO KIRCHERIANO DIDEGNATE IN PIETRA SOTTO LA DIREZIONE DI P.T. DA GIROLAMO APOLLONJ PITTORE ROMANO NEGLI ANNI MDCCCXXXXXVII E MDCCCXXXVIII. 39 fine quality engraved plates with Roman cast coinage. Engraved map of Italy. Serious early study. Important. Purple Ex-Libris stamp on first page: Dr. Jacob Hirsch Numismatiker MÜNCHEN. Original green and light earthen brown kaleidoscope hard covers. Spine panel bordered in gilt. Spine worn and split in spots. Rare. Large Folio, 30 by 45 cm. Very Fine                                                                                                 500.


1008      Blavatskii V. PANTIKAPAEUM. Essays on the History of the Capital of Bosporus. Pantikapei. Academy of Science of the USSR. Institute of Archeology. Moscow, 1964. 229, (2) pp. Occasional illustrations w/in text with coins, maps, charts, objects of art. Russian Text. Paperback with dust cover. 12 mo. Very Fine                                                                20. 


1009      Boudeau E. Catalogue Général Illustré et a prix marqués MONNAIES  ANTIQUES. Paris. Appears to be a complete set of mini-catalogs on Ancient numismatics. Including: 1) Époque Gauloise, 40 pp.; 2) Italie, Sicile, 28 pp.; 3) Thrace…. 50 pp; 4) Acarnanie…. pp. 51-72; 5) Bosphore…. pp. 73 – 102; 6) Carie…. pp. 103-134; 7) République Romaine, 31 pp.; 8) République Romaine (Suite), Empire Romain (1 re partie), 64 pp. 9-11) Empire Romain (parties 3, 4, 5); 12) Époque Romaine (de L’AN 48 AVANT J.-C. A L’AN 476 APRES J.-C.), 70 pp.; 13) Livres de Numismatique. Seems to be the inspiration for the much later Seaby’s format. All bound under one cover exept 91-110 which comes separately. Hard blue covers with gold lettering. Light foxing. Very interesting set. Very Fine                                                                             250.

1010      Butkovski A. NUMSIMATICS OR HISTORY OF COINS: ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL & MODEN TIMES, WITH PRICES OF ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS. Numismatica ili Istoriya Monet: Drevnich, Srednich I Novikh Vekov. Moscow, 1861. 165 pp., plus 3 plates with 121 pictures. Rare. Hard purple covers, initials imprinted. Spine in good shape. Very Fine or better                                                                                                                                                       250.


1011      Coin Cabinet. CATALOG OF ROMAN COINS. Numizmaticheskii Kabinet. Katalog Rimskich Monet. Moscow: Moscow Public and Rumyantzev Museum, 1887. 120, (1) pp. (121-240), 2 plates – IV and V. 655 + 13 descriptions. Gromachevski 221. Black and white marble hardcover with some fading and cracks. Minor foxing (generally on cover and back pages). Octavo. Fine                                                                                                                                                                 150.

1012      Dimitrov K. and Penchev V. SEUTHOPOLIS. ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL COINS. Sevtopolis. Volume II. Academy of Science of Bulgaria. Sofia, 1984. 161 pp., illustrations in text, L plates on Ancient and XII on Medieval coins, maps. Bulgarian Text. English summary and table of contents. Green cloth with white lettering. Quarto. Very Fine                    25.

1013      Dundua G. COIN HOARDS OF GEORGIA. HOARDS OF ROMAN COINS FROM THE VILLAGES OF EKY AND SEPIETY. Tbilisi, 1979. Georgian Text. 181, (3), pp., 38 plates of Roman portrait coins. Original gray-blue boards. Quarto. Hard cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                       20.

1014      [Ganina O.]. THE KIEV MUSEUM OF HISTORIC TREASURES. Kiev, 1974. 21 pp., plus 194 color and b/w plates with detailed descriptions. English Text. Table of contents: Jewelry 6th Cent. BC – 4th Cent AD – pages: 7-10, plates: 1-72 (Scythian and other Ancient Art); Jewelry 6th-20th Cent. – pages: 11-19, plates: 73-149; Numismatics 5th Cent. BC –early 20th Cent. pages: 19-21, plates: 15-194. Red cloth hard cover. Pictorial dust cover. Last somewhat nicked. Large octavo. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                       35.

1015      Kropotkin V. HOARDS OF ROMAN COINS FOUND IN THE TERRITORY OF THE U.S.S.R.  Kladi Rimskich Monet na Teritirii SSSR. Academy of the Science of the USSR. Issue G 4-4. Moscow, 1961. Folder containing 134-page book, plus 2 chart inserts, 8 maps, 3 coin plates. Research on monetary circulation in Eastern Europe in the first half of  the 1st Century AD. Based on a listing of 1,733 hoards. Folio. C-S 4651. Long out of print. Russian Text. Hardbound folder. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                             75.

An indispensable reference on "Barbarian" imitations. Important.

1016      Kropotkin V. HOARDS OF BYZANTINE COINS FOUND IN THE TERRITORY OF THE U.S.S.R.  Kladi Byzantiiskich Monet na Teritirii SSSR. Academy of the Science of the USSR. Issue E 4-4. Moscow, 1962. Folder containing 63-page book, 13 maps, 8 coin plates. Research on monetary circulation in Eastern Europe in the second half of the 1st Century AD. Folio. C-S 5531. Long out of print. Hardbound folder. Very Fine                                                       75.

Important for both Byzantine and Viking age coinage scholars.

1017      Markov A. ANCIENT NUMISMATICS. Drevnyaya numismatika. Part II. St. Petersburg, 1903. 105 pp. Octavo. Original card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                 50.


1018      Mac Dowall D. THE WESTERN COINAGES OF NERO. American Numismatic Society Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 161. New York, 1979. 256 pp., plus XXV plates. Octavo. Card cover. Near Mint                                     20.


1019      Mattingly H. and Stebbing W. THE RICHBOROUGH HOARD OF ‘RADIATES,’ 1931.  American Numismatic Society Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 80. New York, 1938. 118 pp., color frontispiece, XV plates. Original card covers, spine cracking. Notes in neat pencil inside and on plates. This book was apparently the working copy as it originally came with a study group of the coins (which have since been sold). The original round card descriptions are included. Fine           30.


1020      MONNAIES GRECQUES, ROMAINES ET ITALIENNES. Rome. Early 1900’s. 158 pp. Missing cover and title page. Pages loose. Otherwise clean inside. Fine                                                                                                                                      25.


1021      Newell E. THE COINAGE OF THE EASTERN SELEUCID MINTS, From Seleucis I to Antiochus III. With A Summary of Recent Scholarship Additions and Corrections by Otto Mørkholm. American Numismatic Society. Numismatic Studies No. 1. New York, 1978. 307 pp., plus LVI fine plates. Hard bound in brown cloth with gold lettering. Large Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                             25.


1022      [Oreshnikov A.]. DESCRIPTION OF ANCIENT COINS OWNED BY THE IMPERIAL MOSCOW UNIVERSITY. Opisaniye Derevne-Grecheskich Monet Prinadlezaschich Imperatorskomu Universitetu. Moscow: Imperial University, 1891. (2), viiii, 353, (1) pp. table of monograms. 2,739 + 44 descriptions, 3 fine plates of coins. Ex-Libris: Shishkin A. N., 1959. Pale orange paper covers loose and off of book. Clean inside. Octavo. Fine                                               175.


1023      Shelov D. BOSPORUS COINAGE IN THE 6th – 2nd CENT. BC. Monetnoye delo Bospora VI-II vv. do n.e. Moscow, 1956. 220 pages plus IX plates. Russian Text. C-S 2639. Rare and long out of print. Hard cover. 12 mo. Clean inside copy, but cover with some problems                                                                                                                                               30.


1024      Sokolova I. COINS AND LEAD SEALS OF THE BYZANTINE CHERSON. Moneti i Pechati Vizantiiskogo Khersona.  Leningrad, 1983. 176 pages plus XX plates. Russian Text. Out of print. Octavo. Hard cover. Very Fine                        30.


1025      Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Collection of The American Numismatic Society. Part 7. Macedonia I: Cities,
Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, Paeonian Kings.
ANS. New York, 1987. 43 pp., plus 39 plates. Bound in red cloth. Quarto. Mint                                                                                                                                                                                      30.


1026      Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Collection of The American Numismatic Society. Part 8. Macedonia II: Alexander I – Philip II. ANS. New York, 1994. 44 pp., plus 34 plates. Bound in red cloth. Quarto. Mint                                                         30.


1027      Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Collection of The American Numismatic Society. Part 9. Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Coins. ANS. New York, 1998. 98 pp., plus 76 plates. Bound in red cloth. Quarto. Mint                                    40.


1028      Shore F. PARTHIAN COINS & HISTORY. CNG Publication, 1993. Octavo. 188 pp. Profusely illustrated w/in text. Comes with photocopy of the Rarity & Value Guide Supplement. Hand signed to a coin collector. Hard cover with pictorial blue dust cover. Very Fine. Popular and out of print                                                                                                               75.


1029      Studies of the State Historical Museum. Numismatics Essays. Part Two. Shelow D. [Ed.]. Moscow, 1957. A special issue to commemorate A. V. Oreshnikov. Articles by the leading numismatists on Ancient, Islamic, Georgian numismatics. 141, (3) pp., XXVI plates. Rare. Hard cover. Brown cloth. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                                         50.


1030      Viallant J. NUMISMATA IMPERATORUM, AUGUSTARUM ET CÆSARUM, a Populis, Romanæ Ditionis, GRÆCELOQUENTIBUS... Amsteledami: Apud G. Gallet, 1700. (14), 344, 339-364, 4, (2) pp., 11 “Appendix Iconum”
+ 11  Leaves of coin engravings, title printed in red and black, engraved headpiece, woodcut headpieces and tailpieces, engraving of Ancient Greek and Roman coins w/in the text. Folio. Lipsius p. 409, Hirsch p. 131, Brunet 29821. Dedication on inside cover: “To Ukrainian Academy of Science… from V. Antonovich, 1916”. Full vellum, spine panel lettered
and bordered in gilt.  Some wear and cracking along spine with front pages somewhat loose. Very minor foxing. Rare.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                               500.


1031      Vipper B. [Ed.]. ANCIENT ART. CATALOG. Antichnoye Iskusstvo. Katalog. Pushkin State Art Museum. Moscow, 1963. Collections catalog. Art – 85 pp., 53 plates. Ancient numismatics – 79 pp., 15 plates. Printed rose card cover. Octavo.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  30.


1032      Zakharov A. ENGRAVED GEMS OF THE STATE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. ГЕММЫ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО ИСТОРИЧЕСКОГО МУЗЕЯ. State Historical Museum & Institute of the Archeology and Art. Moscow, 1928. 48 pp., VI plates. The first full catalog of a major collection of the Soviet Union. It lists 449 items of Eastern, Ancient and other origin. Alphabetical indexes of gem engravers, names, etc. Soft cover. Octavo. Ex-Libris: Dorian Berg attached on front of cover page. Paper printed covers, frayed on tops. Fine.                                                                                                             50.


1033      Zograph A. ANCIENT COINS. Antichniye Moneti. АНТИЧНЫЕ МОНЕТЫ. Academy of Science of the USSR. Transactions and Research in Archaeology of the USSR. № 16. Moscow - Leningrad, 1951. 263 pp., L + 1 plate. Russian Text. Important classical reference. Rich in Black Sea material. C-S 1679. Large Quarto. Dark maroon cloth binding, minor stain. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                          150.


1034      Zograph A. COINS OF TYRA. Moneti Tiri. МОНЕТЫ ТИРЫ. Academy of Science of the USSR. Institute of the History of Material Culture. Moscow, 1957. 129 + 1 pp., X plates, boards, 1 fold-out table. Russian Text. C-S. 2667. Long out of print. Octavo. Clean inside, but cover with some stains. Hard cover. Very Fine                                                                    30.


Auction Sale Catalogs


1035      The Olympus Catalogue. No date. (1980’s) Coins from Roman Egypt from the collection of Col. James W. Curtis and other properties. 27 pp., incl. 13 fine plates of coins of the Roman Egypt. Paperback. Quarto. Very Fine                         10.


1036      Spink. Dr. Anton C. R. DREESMANN Collection of Ancient Coins. Part I, Roman Gold Coins. London, April 13, 2000. A landmark collection of 385 Roman and Byzantine Gold Coins. Quarto. Pictorial laminated cover. Mint                      15.


1037      Stack’s with the cooperation of Harlan J. Berk. Unique Complete Series MEN OF ROME. The Golden Military Years. Lucius Sulla to Severus Alexander 82 BC – 235 AD. THE JOHN WHITNEY WALTER COLLECTIONS. New York, November 29, 1990. 79 superb quality Roman Silver and Gold Coins. Great presentation and historical and numismatic information. Color card cover. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                                                            20.


1038      Dealers price lists: Kirk Davis: 29, 31-34, 36, 38; Brian Kritt: # 39; Spartan Numismatics # 9-15, 17-18, 20-21. All well illustrated. Small format – 12 mo. Card covers. Very Fine                                                                                    (Lot of 19) 10.






1039      Bahrfeldt E. MÜNZKUNDE DER NIEDERLAUSITZ. Reprint. Leipzig, 1980. 259 pp., plus XXI plates. Illustrations and charts w/in text. 12 mo. Hard bound in blue cloth. Very Fine or better                                                                                   25.


1040      Berman A. PAPAL NUMISMATIC HISTORY. The Emancipation of the Papal State. 2nd Edition. South Salem, 1991. 156 pp. Maps. III plates. With hand-written presentation autograph by author on title page. Very Fine                            5.


1041      Boon G. COINS OF THE ANARCHY 1135-54. National Museum of Wales, 1988. 46 pp. A beautiful museum collection of Hammered British Coins. Profusely illustrated w/in text in color and b/w. 12 mo. Near Mint                                     20.


1042      CONGRESS DE NUMISMATIQUE DE 1900. Proces-Verbaux et Memoires. Paris, 1900. 449 pages of numismatic research publications. XXIV plates, including four multifold-out plates. Important. Worn-down wine red leather cover with sky-blue and purple kaleidoscope pattern. Ex-Library stamp on cover page. Very Fine                                                   300.


1043      Davenport J. EUROPEAN CROWNS SINCE 1800. Buffalo, 1947. Very Rare original edition. Octavo. Hard cover. Very Fine and clean                                                                                                                                                                            40.


1044      Friedberg A. and I. THE COMPREHENSIVE CATALOG OF WORLD GOLD COINAGE. 760 pp., New 7th edition. Completely revised and updated. Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Russia expanded with many additions. More than 6,700 photos, over a thousand of them new. 18,000+ listings, with many new discoveries. 6th century B.C. to date - over 2,500 years of gold coinage from ancient Greece to modern Zambia. The universally-used Friedberg ™ Numbering System: The world's standard method of cataloging, describing, buying and selling gold coins. Market valuations in two states of preservation. A directory of the world's leading gold coin dealers. A must for every collector, dealer and library. Hard cover, sewn binding. Quarto. Mint                                                                                                                                             50.

1045      Hlinka J. MEDAILERSTVO NA SLOVENSKU. Od 16. po zaciatok 20. storocia. Prague, 1976. Important reference on European medallic art. Overview of European medals with a special look at medieval medals of Czechy and Bohemia. 196 pp. Color and b/w illustrations w/in text. Hard cover with pictorial dust cover. The last somewhat stained. Very Fine                30.


1046      Kelpsh. SILVER DOLLARS OF TUSCANY DURING THE RULE OF THE HOUSE OF MEDICI. Miami Beach, 1946. A special offprint from The Numismatist. 19 pp. 41 pieces with detailed description. Finely drawn illustrations w/in text. 12 mo. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                               10.


1047      Khikman A. Coins of All Countries As Samples and Conditions of Their Circulation. St. Petersburg, 1895. 53 pp. with a lovely steel die-cut illustration plate of each country after each page (of the style of 19th Century Coin postcards). Table of foreign exchange. Various Ex-Library stamps. Each plate a handsome memento suitable for framing. Cardcover, loose with some tears. Very clean inside. Very Fine                                                                                                                       100.


1048      Krause Ch. And Mishler C. STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS. Deluxe 1991 edition in two volumes. Hard cover. Quarto. Hard to find these days especially in this condition. Near Mint                                                            100.


1049      Resch A. SIEBENBÜRGISCHE MÜNZEN UND MEDAILLEN.  Hermannstadt, 1901. Modern reprint. 292 pp., plus 86 plates. Brown cloth with gold lettering. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                     50.


1050      Sejbal J. DĚJINY PENĚZ NA MORAVĚ. Blok 1979. A history of money and its circulation in Moravia. 209 pp., 68 coin plates (mostly coins, a few paper money). Also a number of b&w plates of coin enlargements, minting instruments, etc. Czech language, English summary. Gray-green hardcover with dust jacket. Tear on introduction page. Very Fine            25.


1051      Serrure R., [Pub.]. MONNAIES MÉROVINGIENNES ET ANGLO-SAXONNES. Paris, nd (ca. 1889). 16 pp.,
a few illustrations. French Text. Printed paper cover (loose and separated from body of booklet). Some creasing of pages. Fine                                                                                                                                                                                              50.


1052      Slepova T [Ed.]. COLLECTION OF COINS OF MANTUA IN THE STATE HERMITAGE. LA COLLEZIONE DI MONETE MANTOVANE DELL’ERMITAGE. Milano, 1995. 275 pp. Italian and Russian Text. Numerous illustrations w/in text. Catalog of 420 coins. Each illustrated. Historical essays. Quarto. Luxurious edition. Gray pictorial card cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                  50.


1053      Stückelberg E. DER MÜNZSAMMLER. Zürich, 1919. 260 pp. plus advertisement. Illustrated w/in text. German Text. An interesting book on different aspects of coin collecting. Decorative orange with green print hardcover. Some water damage along spine. Front and back tip pages loose. Fine                                                                                                           50.


1054      Suhle Arthur. DEUTSCHE MÜNZ- UND GELDGESCHICHTE VON DEN ANFÄNGEN BIS ZUM 15. JAHRHUNDERT.  Berlin, 1974. 258 pp. Numerous illustrations w/in text. Graphite violet hard cover with blue dust jacket (jacket has some tears). Very Fine                                                                                                                                               25.


1055      TALER im Abonnment von Luthers Thesen bis zum Wiener Kongreß 16.-19. Jahrhundert. Baden-Württembergischte Bank. (22) pp.  A very pictorial booklet. Quarto. Printed card cover. Very Fine                                                                       5.


1056      Verkade P. MUNTBOEK, Bevattende de Namen en Afbeeldingen van Munten, Geslagen in de Zeven Voormalig Vereenigde Nederlandsche Provincien. P.J. Van Dijk, 1848. Reprint edition. 198 pp., plus 228 plates. Hard bound. Green cover with red plaques on spine. Old lettering. Very Fine                                                                                                         20.


1057      Welter G. Die MÜNZEN DER WELFEN SEIT HEINRICH DEMLOWEN. Vol I. 543 pp. & Vol III 235 pp. Brunswick 1971 and 1978. Ill. w/in text. Hard cover. Octavo. Near mint                                                                                                     40.





1058      Berliner Numismatische Forschungen. 1987. Band 1, 2 and 3. Kluge B. [Ed.]. Collection of articles. Mainly on
Medieval numismatics. 115 pp., plus 12 plates; 124 pp., plus 16 plates; last – 132 pp. 16 plates. Octavo. Card cover.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                               ( Set of  3) 30.    


1059      Nordisk Numismatisk. Union Medlemsblad. Scandinavian Numismatic Journal. Stockholm. 1979-1981. Complete 3-year set. Total of 24  issues. Average Fine to Very Fine. All clean            (lot of 24)                                                                75.


C-S 749, Grerson p. 19. An indispensable source of information on Scandinavian, Viking, Islamic numismatics and other topics.


1060      Numismatické Listy. State Museum, Prague. 1982 No. 1 and 2. 12 mo. Very Fine                                        (lot of 2) 10.



Auction Sales catalogs

(All catalogs are specialized sales, unless described otherwise )


1061      David Akers Numismatics, Inc. JOHN JAY PITTMAN COLLECTION. Selected Numismatic Rarities. Part Three. Chicago, August 6-8, 1999. 501 pp. 5250. A highly important and landmark sale: most European, and other world countries. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                             15.


1062      Asta Bolaffi Ambassador. NUMISMATICA.  Torino, May 24, 2003. 94 pp. 371 lots of important Italian coins from Ancient to Modern times. Luxurious full color. Octavo. Mint                                                                                                                        10.


1063      Paul J. Bosco. Auction 18. HAL WALLS COLLECTION OF WORLD TRADE COINS. With additional Special Collections: Canadian, Early American, Dutch Colonial, Latin America, West Indies, Spanish-American War Items. New York. August 4, 1997. 1,196 lots. Important sale. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                           10.


1064      Paul J. Bosco. Auction 21. World Medals including the Dr. Otto Kallir Collection of German Airship Medals. New York. December 5, 1999. 495 lots. Important sale. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                   10.


1065      Bowers & Ruddy Galleries. THE CARL VICTOR TUTTLE COLLECTION. Part I. Beverly Hills, CA. June 15-16, 1981. 94 pp. 1,203 lots; the majority Talers and World Crowns. Quarto. Very Fine                                                            10.


1066      Christie’s. MONETE,  MEDAGLIE, DECORAZIONI e LIBRI di NUMISMATICA. Roma,  December 14, 2000. 197 pp. 2,692 lots of important Italian coins and medals. All in full color. Octavo. Near Mint                                                           10.


1067      Christie’s. MONETE e MEDAGLIE. Milano. June 9, 2003. 159 pp. 1,292 lots of important Italian coins and medals. All in full color. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                     10.


1068      Leo Hamburger. Lager-Katalog 1934. 1,933 lots. Printed light orange card cover, tape at bottom front tip. Fine       20.


1069      Adolf Hess Nachf. MÜNZEN UND MEDAILLEN VON OESTERREICH-UNGARN. Sammlung des Herrn Joseph Ferdinand Hirsch in Troppau. Frankfurt a. M. 10 Oct. 1904. 2,349 lots. 132 pp., VIII pl. With P/R. Original Maroon and Millefiore hard cover. Spine taped. Some minor edge nicks and creases. Very Fine                                                    50.


1070      A. Hess Nachf. VERZEICHNIS VERKAUFLICHER MUNZEN UND MEDAILLEN DES MITTELALTERS UND DER NEUZEIT. Frankfurt a. Main, 1913. (2), 388 pp. Price catalog of over 10,000 European coins. Hard cover: rosette spine with fancy and colorful veined marble cover and back. Spine panel bordered in gilt. Blue art noveau title page. Good Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                         75.


1071      Dr. Claus W. Hild. Catalogs # 65-72, 74-77, 79. Some w/ P/R. All soft cover.  Very Fine                                        (Lot of 13) 25.


1072      Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectables, Inc. THE IRVING GOODMAN COLLECTION. Beverly Hills, CA, June 4, 2002. A landmark sale of 1,081 World Crowns and Talers in exceptional quality. Each coin is well illustrated. With photocopy of P/R. Octavo. Pictorial card cover. Near Mint                                                                                                         15.


1073      Emil Fischer, Juwelier und Numismatiker. COLLECTION SYLVA-TAROUCA. Wien, 1892. 2,901 lots. 114 pp. Hard cover - loose. Very rare early catalog. Very Fine                                                                                                                50.


1074      Dr. Eugen Merzbacker Nachf. Sammlungen Verschiedener Münzfreunde …und reiche Serien von Münzen und Medaillen der Grafen fen von Hohenlohe und Napoleon I. München, February 25, 1908. 476 lots. VII fine plates. Original light green card covers with some marks and edge nicks. Library stamp on cover and coverpage. Good Fine                     30.


1075      Münzen und Medaillen AG Basel. CROWNS OF THE WORLD. SAMMLUNG G. UND A. KÖHLMOOS. Auction 91. 1,031 lots of World Crowns and Talers of exceptional quality. Hard cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                25.


1076      Ortleb A und G. Vademedum für MÜNZAMMLER. Nebst 20 tafeln mit 290 in Bronzedruck auegeführten Abbildungen von Münzen aller Völker und Zeiten. Leipzig, nd. (Ca. early 1900’s). 111 pp., 18 plates, fold-out accordion-style. Hardcover, maroon with gold spine lettering. Some minor discoloration of cover and bubbled spot. About VF        75.


1077      Bankhaus Partin & Co. Bad Mergentheim. Catalogs # 39, 41, 42, 44, 47-52. Good for German and other European coins. Some with P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                           (Lot of 10) 25.


1078      Sally Rosenberg. Auktions Katalog. Frankfurt a. Main, March 18, 1908. 514 lots. Poland: 215 -  403. No illust. Green with black print card cover. Octavo. Once taped along spine with resultant fading of card in that area. Very Fine                            20.


1079      Sally Rosenberg. SAMMLUNG HOFRAT Dr. SICK. Münzen…..Speyer und Pfalz. Frankfurt a. Main, October 6, 1926. 2,067 lots. XI fine plates. Quarto. Printed card cover taped on spine. Fine                                                                           50.


1080      Sotheby’s. THE STACK COLLECTION. Important Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and English Hammered Coins Formed by Lawrence R. Stack, Stack’s New York City. London, April 22-23, 1999. 228 pp. 826 lots. A highly important sale. Water stains all over top of catalog. Octavo. Fine                                                                                                         10.


1081      Spink Taisei, Zurich. Auction 42. COLLECTION OF LARGE SIZE SILVER COINS OF THE WORLD formed
by Edward D. Millas, Chicago.
46 pp. 78 lots of highly important oversized crowns of the World. Comes with P/R. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                 20.


1082      Spink Taisei, Zurich and Ronald Michel. Auction 50. The Nicholas M. Salgo Collection of Coins and Medals of HUNGARY and TRANSYLVANIA. 163 pp. 871 lots. A landmark collection. Comes with P/R. Cover once bent. Otherwise clean and Very Fine                                                                                                                                              20.


1083      Spink. May 26, 2000. THE KARL GUSTAV COLLECTION OF SWEDISH COINS, COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS AND BANKNOTES. 1,701 lots. 398 pp. A landmark sale of Swedish numismatics. Very Fine                                   20.


1084      Vico Jesus. Madrid, Spain. Lot (10) of Auction Catalogs, Nov. 22, 2000-June 19, 2003. Ten different (8 hardbound, 2 soft). Good auction references for the Spanish World. Color and b&w photo illustrations. Very Fine. (Lot of 10)                              25.


1085      World Art Medals (Robert L. Levin). Mail Bid Auction sales catalogs: # 1-5, 7-19, 23, 28, 31-36, Fixed Price Catalog 1. 1982-1992. A broad selection of World Historical Medals from the Renaissance to 20th Century. Octavo. Card Covers. Illustrated. Some with P/R  Average Very Fine or better                                                                           (Set of 27) 100.



1086      As above. Auction Sales Catalogs # 9, 32, 34, 35. Very Fine                                                                              (Set of 4) 10.





1087      Berga T. COINAGE IN THE ARCHEOLOGICAL MONUMENTS (deposits) IN LATVIA, IX-XII CENTURIES. Moneti v Archeologicheskich Pamyatnikach Latvii IX-XII vv. Riga, 1988. 102 pp. Well-illustrated. Russian text with English and German summaries. Essential for Viking and Islamic material. Quarto. Near Mint                                           20.


1088      Bialkowski A. and Szweycer T. COINS OF THE LAST JAGELLONS. Monety Ostanich Jagiellonow. Warsaw, 1975. 257 pp. Drawn illustrations w/in text. Polish text. Card cover. Spine somewhat chipped. Perfect inside. Round inked stamp on title page. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                                                                                           25.


1089      Federov D. COINS OF THE BALTIC COAST, 13TH-18TH CENTURIES. Moneti Pribaltiki XIII-XVIII Stoletii. Tallin, 1966. 422 pp. Well-illustrated. An important catalog on the topic, with a accurate listing of 1,085 coins with rarity scale. Blue cloth. Pictorial brown dust cover. Very Fine or better                                                                                                              50.


1090      Friedlein D. Convolute of 14 catalogs:

1) Katalog Ksiązek i Rękopisov Polskich. Krakow, 1873. 196 pp., 2,996 plus 16 lots.  

2) Katalog Rycin, Lithografii, Mapp I Rysunkóv Polskich. Krakow, 1873. 16 pp., 152, plus 21, plus 40 lots, plus 18 lots, plus 29 lots.

3) Katalog MONET I MEDALI POLSKIEJ. Krakow, 1873. 24 pp., 852 lots.

4) Katalog Ksiązek i Polskich. Krakow, 1874. Lots # 2997 – 3271.

5) Katalog Ksiązek, Rycin i MONET Polskich. Krakow, 1874. # 3272 – 3397; 276 – 345; coins # 896a – 947.

6 - 14) and so on. Complete. Gumowski 483. Very interesting and informative. An ‘El Dorado’ for the specialist.
Black leather and gray grain cover with gold spine lettering. Rare, especially this complete and in this condition. Good
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  250.


1091      Haljak G. LIVLÄNDISHE MÜNZEN AUS DER ORDERSZEIT 13.-16. JAHRHUNDERT. ORDUNAEGSED LIIVIMAA MÜNDID XIII-XVI SAJAND. Tallin, 1997. 103 pp. Profusely illustrated w/in text. This is a standard reference on Livonian coinage providing a very accurate rarity scale and current prices in two grades. Hard cover. Dust cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                   35.


1092      Huten Czapski E. Count. CATALOGUE DE LA COLLECTION DES MEDAILLES ET MONNAIES POLONAISES. (5 Volumes) 1871-1916. Modern reprint of only volumes I, II and III in three separate soft cover volumes. Superb printing quality close to the original and better than the Gras edition. Mint                                                                                   150.

1093      Petrov V. What is the Money? Description: Greek, Roman, Jewish, Bosporian and Chersonessian. Что такое деньги? Описание монетъ: Греческихъ, Рискихъ, Еврейскихъ, Босфорскихъ и г. Херсонеса. V, 26 pp., plus 6 + 11 plates. POLISH COINS (992-1842) with 1250 illustrations and prices. ПОЛЬСКIЯ МОНЕТЫ (992-1842) съ 1250 рисунками и цънами монетъ. Moscow. 36 pp. plus 16 plates. Numismatic essay on Ancient (26 pages) and Polish History (36 pages). Very detailed catalog with well over 1,000 coins priced and illustrated. Unlike Petrov’s three editions of Catalogs of Russian coinages, these two price catalogs are rare and little known. Title page and back page bound in blue hard covers.
Original printed card cover pasted down on cover. Quarto Very Fine                                                                               

1094      Podręczne Wyrachowania czyli Zbiór Wartości Monet Krajowych i Zagranicznych Ułatwien w Obliczaniu Procentów na Roźne Stopy i Sposobow Umarzania Długu Tudzieź Miar i Wag Krajowych i Obcych. Warszawa, 1858. 94 pages of tables and plates. A unique source for economical and finance history specialist. Deep maroon grained leather covers, outer spine panel cracked off. Some foxing. 16 mo. Very Fine                                                                                                         75.


1095      Polkowski, I. Wykopalisko Głebockie Średniowicznych Monet Polskich. Gnieznom 1876. (4), 75 pages, Illustrations w/in text. & fine lithographic plates of coins. Rare. Hard bound, original printed wrappers bound in.12 mo. Light foxing, wear spots on spine. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                        125.


1096      Relacya Z Examinu Kommissyi Skarbu Koronnego za lat Cztery Od dnia 1. 7 bros 1786. do dnia oftatniego Augusti 1790. Przeg Deputacya od Stanow wyznaczoną odprawionego W Stanach Rzepltey przez trymaiącego w teyže Deputacyi Pioro JW. Morskiego Kafztelana Kamieńca Podolskiego w Miefiącu Styczniu 1791. R. Warszawa: w Drukarni P. Dufour, nd (1791). Engravings, title printed in black, engraved headpiece, woodcut headpieces. V, 106 pp. Several tables, including one trifolded. Deep maroon grained leather covers, outer spine panel cracked off. Foxing on early pages. Rare. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                         250.


1097      Ruzas V. MEDALS OF RADZIVILS. A Catalog.  Radvilu Medaliai. Katalogas. Vilnius, 1993. 63 pp. Catalog of medals dedicated to the famous Lithuanian Noble House. Lithuanian Text with German, Russian and Belorussian summaries. Octavo. Card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                             20.


1098      Suchodolski S. DENARS OF KALESH. Denar w Kalecie. Polish Academy of Science, 1981. 45 pp. plus 24 plates. Polish text with French and German Summaries. 12 mo. Very Fine                                                                                                      20.

1099      Stroncyński K. PIENIĄDZE PIASTÓW. OD CZASÓV NAJDAWNIESZYCH DO ROKU 1300. Rozbiorem Źródel Spółczesnych i Wykopalisk, oraz porównaniem Typów Mennicznych Objaśnione. Warsawie, 1847. Two volumes. 3, (1), (10), 340, (22), 22 pages. Very finely engraved illustrations w/in text. High quality engraved plates, some fold-out. Gumowski 2379. Brown half leather. With title embossed on spine. Some stains. Rare and very well preserved. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                   400.

1100      Weicek, A. SEBASTIAN DADLER, MEDALIER GDANSLI XVII WIEKU. Gdansk, 1962. 148 pp. 54 plates. Polish Text. Quarto. Card cover. Pictorial dust cover. Very scarce and important reference. Near Mint                                           175.


1101      Wittyg W. Wykopalisko Mianowskie Monet Średbiowiechnych Polskich / Decouverte a Mianowa des Monnaies Polonaises du Moyen-âge. Warszawa, 1890. (4), 35, (1) pp., text illustrations, 2 lithographic plates of coins. Polish and French Text. Gumowski 1298. Original. Printed green card cover. Clean. Fine. Octavo                                                            50.



Auction Sale catalogs

( All catalogs are specialized sales, unless described otherwise )



1)     Warszawa, 1892. 40 pp., 1,512 lots.

2)     Warszawa, 1893. 27 pp., lots: 1512-2296.

3)     Warszawa, 1893. 64, (2) pp., lots: 2297-4065, plus 4066-4067.

4)     Warszawa, 1895. 36 pp., lots: 1-976.

All with original paper covers as published bound-in. Rare and very well preserved. Bound in modern blue cloth cover. Two or so minor red pencil marks. Very Fine                                                                                                                                     200.


1103      COINS AND NOTES IN LATVIA OVER THE CENTURIES. Catalogue for the Exhibition. Riga, May 20-22, 2000. Group of authors. 28 pp. Fully illustrated in color. Luxurious. English Text. Oblong Quarto. Mint                                          10.


1104      CNG / Freeman & Sear / NAC in collaboration with Karl Stephens. Triton IV sale. The Extraordinary Collection of HENRY V. KAROLKIEWICZ featuring POLISH COINS from a THOUSAND YEARS. New York, December 6, 2000. 1,058 lots. A landmark sale and a Must for Polish and Russian coin collectors. With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial card cover. Quarto. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                       25.


1105      Brüder Egger. Katalog der Sammlunf POLNISCHER MÜNZEN UND MEDAILLEN weil: des hochwürdigsten Herrn Bischfs Johann STUPNICKI in Przemysl. Wien, June 8, 1996. 1,472 lots, 2 engraved plates. Important. With original price list. Paper cover. Housed in new carbon cover. Very Fine                                                                                                          75.


1106      Galerie des Monnaies of Geneva, Ltd. Auction Sale February 11-13, 1980. SAWICKI COLLECTION OF POLISH COINS & MEDALS, COINS OF SPANISH WORLD…3,418 Lots. Well illustrated. Important. Some notes on boards. With P/R. Octavo. Printed card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                          30.


1107      Joseph Hamburger. Max Ritter von Wilmersdörffer’ sehe Münzen- und Medaillen-Sammlung. Münzen und Medaillen von RUSSLAND, POLAND, BALTISCHEN LÄNDERN, Schweden, Dänemark, Norwegen. Frankfurt a. Main, November 4, 1907. 1,707 lots. Printed paper cover. Cover and first page loose and off, edges tattered. Very Fine     40.


1108      Joseph Hamburger. Münzen- und Medaillen-Sammlung des Herrn Dr. Antoine-Feill, Hamburg. Dänemark
und Norwegen, Schweden, Polen.
Frankfurt a. Main, November 7, 1907. 375 lots. Printed paper cover, loose and detached. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                   25.


1109      Otto Helbing. Auctions-Catalog enthaltend Münzen und Medaillen verschieldener Länder des Mittelaters und der Neuzeit darunter  SAMMLUNG POLNISCHER MÜNZEN UND MEDAILLEN Besonders der Städte DANZIG und THORN. München, November 29, 1909. (8), 205, (3) pp/ 3,993 lots, No plates. Original printed card cover with some cracks and nicks. Foxing on edges. Fine                                                                                                                                                    75.


1110      Adolph Hess(Nachf.). DOUBLETTEN DES KAISERLICHEN MÜNZCABINETS DER EREMITAGE IN ST. PETERSBURG Münzen und Medaillen Verschiedener Länder. Katalog (132). Frankurt a. Main, May 29, 1911. Polish lots: 640 -  1155. An important sale. Also good Baltic coins. 2,835 lots. 13 plates. Last two are damaged – illustrations of two coins have been clipped out. Still Very Fine. Soft covers. Octavo                                                                                            75.


1111      Kymmel N. Antiquarischer Katalog № XXVII: BIBLIOTEKA BALTIKA. Verzeichniss von Werken zur Baltischen Geschichte und Landeskunde. Riga, 1884. 56 pp. 1,445 lots. A highly important specialized sale. Original paper cover. City view of Riga on cover page. Cover page supported by thin paper tape. Modern red leather and cloth binding. 12 mo. Rare. Fine or better                                                                                                                                                                            75.


1112      Jacques Schulman n.v. Catalogue 253. COINS and MEDALS. Amsterdam, November 8-10, 1971. Important World Coins & Medals. Polish lots: 1828 – 1842, mainly gold, incl. Unique gold medal – Recapture of Thorn in 1668.175 gm. Printed card cover. Cover loose. Fine                                                                                                                                               10.


1113      Sotheby’s. THE BRAND COLLECTION [PART 1]. Zurich, July 1, 1982. Roman, European Coins, incl:  highly important Roman gold coins, Contorniates, Polish & Russian coins. Brown card cover lettered in gold. Near Mint                              25.


1114      Stack’s. Ancient and Foreign Coins and Paper Money. New York, January 15, 2003. 813 lots including: A Distinguished Klippe Collection (lots: 148-217), and The Scott Buck DANZIG Collection (218-315). Other properties. Pictorial card cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                  10.





1115      Batoshevich V. IN THE FIGHT WITH NAPOLEON. В БОРЕНИИ С НАПОЛЕОНОМ. State Historical Museum. Kiev, 2001. Numismatic essays. 210 pp.  Well illustrated w/in text. Articles on numismatics, medals and decorations of the time. Russian Text. Informative. Green printed card cover. Quarto. Near Mint                                                              20.


1116      Bitkin Vladimir. THE COMPREHENSIVE CATALOG OF IMPERIAL RUSISAN COINAGE. СВОДНЫЙ КАТАЛОГ МОНЕТ ИМПЕРАТОРСКОЙ РОССИИ РЕГУЛЯРНОГО ЧЕКАНА. Kiev, 2000. 624 pages. Russian Text. Print run only 1,000 copies. Over 3,500 coins illustrated, showing obverse and reverse of all types and major varieties of Russian coins 1699-1917. Current market values in $US in four grades. Mintage, where available. Rarity rating for all coins. Each coin given its own number for easy reference. Extensive auction references-price realized for every important coin.
This book by far better and more user friendly that most other Russian references to date. A standard reference and already out of print Hard cover. Brown leatherette, lettered in gold. Folio. Near Mint                                                                       100.

1117      Brekke B. F. THE COPPER COINAGE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1700-1917. Mälmo, 1977. 296 pages with numerous high quality b/w photographs. 8-page Price List (in $US) Insert. This is the Bible of Russian Imperial copper coinage. English text. Large Quarto. Pictorial color laminated hardbound. Long out of print. Rare now especially in MINT condition as is this                                                                                                                                                                                      65.


1118      Brekke B. F. THE COPPER COINAGE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1700-1917. Supplement. Russian Numismatic Society Publication. 1987. 28 pp. An updated price Supplement to the Standard reference above. Card cover. Near Mint          5.


1119      Brekke B. F. and Bakken T. W. THE COPPER COINAGE OF RUSSIA. IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1700-1917. SUPPLEMENT 1997. Includes: Errors, Overdates, Overstrikes and Fakes. Oslo, Norway 1997. English text. 126 pp., numerous tables, charts and high-quality b/w photographs.  A 16-page Price List Insert is indexed to the book. Compiled by J. Elmen, the list gives known market prices in $US. This is the most important reference book on Russian copper coins from 1700 to the1917 period. Contains many exciting chapters: Randolf Zander on Russian plate money, John Dalquest on Baroque Kopek, Vasiliy Uzdenikov “Off-weight Russian Copper Coins,” Tom Willy Bakken on all overdates, overstriking, misstriking and other varieties known today. Pictorial hardbound. Octavo. MINT                                              35.


1120      Chadoir, Baron S. de. REVIEW OF RUSSIAN MONEY AND FOREIGN COINS FOUND IN RUSSIA. ОБОЗРЪНIЕ РУССКИХЪ ДЕНЕГЪ и ИНОСТРАННЫХЪ МОНЕТЪ, УПОТРЕБЛЯВШИХСЯ ВЪ РОССIИ СЪ ДРЕВНЕЙШИХЪ ВРЕМЕНЪ. St. Petersburg, 1837. Volume 1 of Russian edition. iii, 272 pp. Octavo. Several Ex-Library stamps. Original. Some typical foxing. Modern blue hardcovers. Very Fine                                                                                          150.


1121      Chadoir, Baron S. de. REVIEW OF RUSSIAN MONEY AND FOREIGN COINS FOUND IN RUSSIA. ОБОЗРЪНIЕ РУССКИХЪ ДЕНЕГЪ и ИНОСТРАННЫХЪ МОНЕТЪ, УПОТРЕБЛЯВШИХСЯ ВЪ РОССIИ СЪ ДРЕВНЕЙШИХЪ ВРЕМЕНЪ. St. Petersburg, 1837. Volume II of Russian edition. 25 pp. text,  23 fold-out plates with tables of coin weights and other charts. Plus 57 finely engraved plates of coins. Ex-Libris: Frances & Gleb Popoff, Monterey, California. Octavo. Original. Foxing. Modern green hardcovers. Very Fine                                                                                                   250.


1122      C(hertkov) A. DESCRIPTION OF ANCIENT RUSSIAN COINS. ОПИСАНIЕ ДРЕВНИХЪ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ. Supplement 1 – 1837. 63 (1), pp., plus 5 plates – XXI-XXV. Supplement 3 – 1842. 67 (1) pp., plus 6 plates - XXXIII-XXXVIII. Gromachevski 3856, C-S 7350. Photocopies. Poor quality. Blue card cover                                        (set of 2) 10.


1123      Chizhov S. DESCRIPTION OF VARIANTS OF SOME TYPES OF RUSSIAN COINS FROM THE LAST TWO CENTURIES. ОПИСАНIЕ ВАРIАНТОВ НЪКОТОРЫХЪ ТИПОВЪ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ ПОСЛЪДНИХЪ ДВУХЪ СТОЛЪЕТIЙ. Moscow, 1904. 75 pp., plus XI pages of catalog, plus XVIII plates. Important. Original. All plates are missing and substituted by quality color laser copies. Cover somewhat worn. Fine                                                          200.


1124      Chizhov S. DROZDOVSKII HOARD OF RUSSIAN COINS DURING THE REIGN OF VASILLI DMITIEVICH OF MOSCOW. ДРОЗДОВСКИЙ КЛАД РУССКИХ ДЕНЕГ ВРЕМЕНИ ВЕЛ. КН. ВАСИЛИЯ ДМИТРИЕВИЧА МОСКОВСКОГО. Russian Academy of History of Material Culture. Works of the Numismatic Commission. Volume III.  Petrograd, 1922. 67 pp., 7 plates. Blue card cover. Octavo                                                                                                       10.


1125      Fedorin A. COINS OF THE LAND OF SOVIETS. 1921-1991. МОНЕТЫ СТРАНЫ СОВЕТОВ. Catalog of the USSR Annual Circulated Coinage by Die Varieties, description of Known Sample Coins of 1921-1991. Moscow, 1998. 296 pp. Russian Text with English Summary. A comprehensive catalog with prices in $US (reflecting the Russian market). 1,200 coins -- Patterns and regular issues, including all known up-to-date die varieties, are fully illustrated with quality photos. Includes Charts with die combinations and extraordinary enlargements. Print run to 1,000 copies only. Pictorial color soft cover. Octavo. MINT                                                                                                                                                           30.


1126      Dvinyaninov S. А Detailed description of Rare Russian Coins, China marks, Antiques. Kazan, 1913. Reprint Kiev, 1994. Russian Text. Price Catalog with 80 pp. on Russian coins and 45 pp. on various Russian antiques. No illustrations.  Soft cover. 12mo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                   8.


1127      Gaidukov P. THE RUSSIAN COPPER COINS. The end of 14th to 16th Cent. МЕДНЫЕ РУССКИЕ МОНЕТЫ конца XIV – XVI веков. Moscow, 1993. Russian Text with short English summary. 293 pp., including 52 plates. Catalog lists 602 coins, each depictured in high-quality enlargements. Weight and die charts. The author spent 17 years gathering material from every museum and many private collection to assemble this work. High quality printing. Out of print. Folio. Pictorial dust cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                 75.


1128      Garshin M. RUSSIAN COINS. A Continuation of Gill & Ilyin’s books on Russian money 1801-1904. РУССКИЕ МОНЕТЫ. Дополнения к Каталогу Гиля и Ильина.Petrograd, 1916. 24 pp. 2 plates. Covers the period from 1905 to 1915. Quarto. Photocopy                                                                                                                                                                  5.


1129      Geitz F. JEFIMOKS. ЕФИМКИ. Moscow, 1913. 43 pp. Pages loose. Paper cover with stains and some missing sections. Rare. Good Fine                                                                                                                                                                           90.


1130      George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke. CATALOGUE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIAN COINS. MONNAIES DE L'EMPIRE DE RUSSIE. 1725-1894. Boston, 1973. Reprint from 1916 Paris 3 Volumes edition. XXXVI, 657 pp., including 247 plates, values. Added forward by Randolph Zander and values by Fred Wermer. Red cloth cover. Folio. C-S 11181. Out of print. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                       200.


1131      Giel, Chr. TABLES OF RUSSIAN COINS OF THE LAST TWO CENTURIES. ТАБЛИЦЫ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ ДВУХЪ ПОСЛЪЕДНИХЪ СТОЛЕТIЙ. Практическое руководство для собирателей. St. Petersburg, 1883. Gromachevski 95d. Photocopy. Octavo. Card Cover. Fine                                                                                                                                 10.


1132      Giel, Chr. TABLES OF RUSSIAN COINS OF THE LAST TWO CENTURIES. ТАБЛИЦЫ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ ДВУХЪ ПОСЛЪЕДНИХЪ СТОЛЕТIЙ. Практическое руководство для собирателей. 2nd edition. St. Petersburg, 1898. Gromachevski 95c. Original. Octavo. Collectors notes in red pencil. Blue cloth hard cover. Fine                          250.


1133      Giel, Chr. and Ilyin A. RUSSIAN COINS FROM 1801 TO 1904. РУСКIЯ МОНЕТЫ чеканенные съ 1801-1904 г. Практическое Руководство для Собирателей. St. Petersburg, 1904.  XII, 125 pp. 6 plates. Ex private Libris stamp : “Evgenii Aleksandrovich Pushkin”. Pre-1917 black hard covers with leather spine. Minute foxing and Very nice for this always heavily-used reference. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                                             250.


1134      Another as above. Ex-Libris: Dorian Berg. Some notes and marks in red pencil by the former. Diagonal section of bottom of Title page and upper piece of plate VO missing. Edges raggedy on intro pages. Title Page as cover with spine taped in three spots. Overall clean. Fine                                                                                                                                                                                               175.


1135      Grishin I. and Kleshchinov V. CATALOGUE OF MEDIEVAL COINS OF RUSSIA FROM REIGN OF TZAR IVAN - IV VASILIEVICH TILL SWEDISH OCCUPATION OF NOVGOROD (1533-1617ad.). КАТАЛОГ РУССКИХ СРЕДНЕВЕКОВЫХ МОНЕТ. Времени Правления Михаила Федоровича (1613-1645 гг.). Moscow, 2001. 86 pp., illust. charts interspersed with text pages. The most comprehensive and accessible reference book of the subject. First of a series of three. Each die is well illustrated, numbered and estimated on a IX to I scale of rarity where I is the rarest. Bilingual Russian / English. Includes a concordance table to A.S. Melnikova’s book. Pictorial green soft cover. Quarto. Very Fine               25.

1136      Golovin N. COIN COLLECTOR. СОБИРАТЕЛЬ МОНЕТЪ. Руководство по Нумизматикъ Русской и Иностранной для Любителей и Коллекционеровъ. St. Petersburg-Moscow, 1904. (2), 130 pp. Russian Text. Illustrations w/in text. Ex-Libris: Anatolii Alekseevich Bunin. Original. Interesting. 12 mo. Original card cover. Covers off and with some tears. Pages loose. Fine to Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        75.


1137      Goncharov V. THE GANGUT BATTLE. ГАНГУТСКIЙ БОЙ. Къ 200-лътенему Юбилею Морской Победы при Гангуте. 1914.  24 pp. Plates: Portrait of Nicholas II, Portrait of Tzarevich Alexei, Portrait of Peter I, plus 9 other plates, including illustrations of related numismatic items, plus two folded maps. 8 mo. Original cover bound in handsome deep wine red leather with vermilion and red swirl pattern. Raised ride spine. Good Very Fine                                                   150.


138        Griliches Z. and Shchukina E. THE GRILICHES ENGRAVERS, FATHER AND SON. Russian Numismatic Society Publication, 1999. 93 pp. Profusely illustrated w/in text. A complete listing and catalogue of 275 medals engraved by the famous Jewish Court engravers Avraam and Avenir Griliches. Plus biographical notes. The Griliches were also responsible for most portrait (regular and commemorative) coins during the reigns of Alexander III and Nicholas II.  Card bound. PRINT RUN of ONLY 75 COPIES !! Mint                                                                                                                                                                         20.


1139      Hazelton, Alan W. THE RUSSIAN IMPERIAL ORDERS. American Numismatic Society Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 11. New York, 1932. (4), (1) pages, color frontispiece, 20 plates, some in color. 16mo. Blue morocco, gilt, sides decorated with multi-colored military ribbons. Very Fine                                                                                                        50.


1140      Harris R. A GUIDEBOOK OF RUSSIAN COINS. 1725-1982. 3rd. edition. 1983. 184 pp. English Text. A very useful guidebook for type collectors, providing illustrations, mintage and prices (1983) in three grades. With illustrations and prices. Octavo. Soft cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                               25.


1141      Holmasto T. VENÄJÄN KUPARIRAHAT / RUSSLANDS KOPPARMYNT COPPER COINS OF RUSSIA / DIE RUSSISCHEN KUPFERMÜNZEN 1700-1917. Helsinki, 1970. 89 pp. of text catalog of Russian bronze coins with evaluations in three grades. Finnish, English and German Text. Printed card cover. 12 mo. Very Fine                           10.

1142      Hutten-Czapski, Count, Emmerich. ANCIENT RUSSIAN COINS OF THE FEUDAL, GRAND DUCAL AND TZARIST PERIOD. УДЪЛНЫЯ, ВЕЛИКОКНЯЖЕСКIЯ И ЦАРСКIЯ ДЕНЬГИ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Собранiя Графа Э. К. Гуттеъ-Чапскаго. St. Petersburg: Printing Co. of the Imperial Academy of Science, 1875.  IV, 184 pp., illustrations w/text. Hutten-Czapski’s  personal copy printed and bound for him. 200 copes printed. Special presentation bound. Thick tan-brown leather cover with dark brown spine with raised ridges. Inset personal Libris Czapski bosse at center of front and back cover grille patterns. Colorful and fancy kaleidoscopic swirl inside covers and facing pages. Ex-Libris paper stamp of Czapski on inside cover Waxed red tipped page edges. The highlight of this book sale. Very important for Polish and Russian numismatics. Quarto. Superb                                                                                                                                     5,000.

1143      [Ilyichev V.] RUSSIAN AND SOVIET HISTORICAL NAVY MEDALS. РУССКИЕ И СОВЕТСКИЕ НАСТОЛЬНЫЕ ВОЕННО-ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЕ МЕДАЛИ. (Каталог коллекции музея). Central State Navy Museum. A Collection catalog. Aleshin A. [Ed.]. Leningrad, 1988. 155, (5) pp., incl. 46 plates. The 249 entries with fully detailed descriptions dealing with ancient Russian history, Russia’s naval highlights and important travel and geographical discoveries of the Russian fleet. Russian Text. Important. Octavo. Gray cloth-backed boards. Hard bound. Near Mint                                                           35.


1700-1725 г.
Petrograd, 1918. 62 pp. 3 plates. Ex Library: “Research Library of Ilyin’s Museum”. Original. Card cover.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  100.


1145      Another. Reprint by The Russian Numismatic Society, 1997. Card cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                         20.


1146      Another. Photocopy. Card cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                           10.


1147      Ilyin, A and Tolstoi, Count I.I. RUSSIAN COINS FROM 1725 TO 1801. РУССКIЯ МОНЕТЫ, чеканенныя съ 1725 по 1801 г. Практическое Руководство для Собирателей. St. Petersburg, 1910. XII, 126 pp, 4 plates. Hard brown covers. Ex-Libris: Dorian Berg. Some notes and marks in red pencil by the former, and some fraying of the spine. But over all very nice and clean. About Very Fine                                                                                                                                                      200.


1148      Ilyin A.TOPOGRAPHY OF HOARDS OF SILVER AND GOLD INGOTS. ТОПОГРАФИЯ КЛАДОВ СЕРЕБРЯНЫХ и ЗОЛОТЫХ СЛИТКОВ. Petrograd, 1921. Russian Academy of History and Material Culture. Works of Numismatic Commission I. 62 pp. Russian Text. C-S 7732. Paper cover. Octavo                                                                                    75.



Volume 2. St. Petersburg, 1883. 441 pages of text.

Volume 3. St. Petersburg, 1896. 86 pages of text. Some illustrations w/in text.

Volume – Plates.  LXV superbly engraved plates.

All Ex Libris. Stamped circa late 1800’s - early 1900’2: “Aus der Sammlung des Vereins fur die Herstellung und Ausschmuckung der Marienburg”. Very Rare, especially this nice.  All three volumes in Fine original leather binding with green marble card. Gold lettering on spines. Quarto. Minor staining. Very Fine                                                     (S

et of 3) 3,000.


1150      Iversen J. MEDALS IN HONOR OF RUSSIAN STATE OFFICIALS AND PRIVATE PERSONS. МЕДАЛИ въ честъ РУССКИХЪ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХЪ ДЪЯТЕЛЕЙ и ЧАСТНЫХ ЛИЦЪ. Volume 3. St. Petersburg, 1896. 86 pages of text. Some illustrations w/in text. 7 superbly engraved plates – Plates LIX – LXV. Unlike the books above, the pertinent plates are bound with the text. Quarto. Modern hard cloud-blue covers and black leatherette with. Very Fine     700.


1151      Iversen J. MEDAILLEN AUF DIE THATEN PETER DES GROSSEN / Medals of Emperor Peter the Great. St. Petersburg, 1872. (4), xxvii, (1), 66 pp. 12 finely engraved plates of medals. Original. C-S 14940. Quarto. Unbound. Some foxing, notably on plate VIII. Light fraying of spine. Two lines of writing on end page. Rare. Very Fine or better     600.

1152      As above. Reprint by Spink & Son, London. Red hard covers with gold lettering on spine. Some spotting on cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                75.

1153      As above. Collector’s photocopy. Blue card cover                                                                                                                 15.


1154      Iversen J. BEITRAG ZUR RUSSIASCHEN MEDAILLENKUNDE. 160 BISHER, PRIVAT-PERSONEN ERTHEILTE, MEDAILLEN / Contribution to Russian Medal Knowledge. 160 Previously Unrecorded Medals of Private Citizens. St. Petersburg, 1870. 88 pp. In German with some Russian text. Photocopy. C-S 14939. 12 Mo. Blue paper cover                                                                                                                                                                                          10.


1155      Iversen J. UNPUBLISHED AND RARE RUSSIAN MEDALS. НЕИЗДАННЫЯ И РЪДКIЯ РУСКIЯ МЕДАЛИ. St. Petersburg, 1874. (2), 26 pp., 189 detailed listings, 6 plates of medals. Original. C-S 14941, Gromachevski 141K. Modern blue cloth. Quarto                                                                                                                                                       450.


1156      As above. Photocopy                                                                                                                                                                 10.


1157      Iversen V. SOME RARE AND INTERESTING COINS FROM THE COLLECTION OF V.M. IVERSEN. НЕСКОЛЬКО РЕДКИХ И ИНТЕРЕСНЫХ МОНЕТ ИЗ СОБРАНIЯ В.М. ИВЕРСЕНА. St. Petersburg, 1906. 28 pp., text figures, 4 fine plates of rare Russian coins. Randolph Zander’s photocopies bound in card cover. Very accurate, looks like a facsimile reprint. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                      15.


1158      Julian R. RUSSIAN SILVER COINAGE. 1796-1917. Logansport, 1993. 120 pp. English Text. Fully illustrated. Hard cover. Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                             35.


1159      Kaim R. DIE ALTRUSSISHE MÜNZGESCHICHTE UND DIE PRÄGUNGEN VON 1350-1700. Band I. Die Altrussische Münzgeschichte. Hagen, 1980. 206 pp, well illustrated w/in text. Catalog of pre-1700 Russian coins - Ancient Rus’; - silver grivnas (bars), Feudal coinage, Alexei Mikhailovich 1654 reform issues, etc. Great for attribution and a must for early Russian coin collectors. Green hard cover with gold lettering. Octavo. Mint                                                            50.


1160      Kaim R. DIE ALTRUSSISHE MÜNZGESCHICHTE UND DIE PRÄGUNGEN VON 1350-1700. Band II. Die Prägungen der russischen Zaren von 1533-1799. Hagen, 1980. 400 pp, well illustrated w/in text. Catalog of 1,934 pre-1700 Russian coins in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Prices for each coin (out of date). A good work for attribution. Green hard cover with gold lettering. Octavo. Mint                                                                                                                               50.


1161      Kaim R. RUSSLAND-SERIE-SPEZIAL. Die Probenmünzen der UdSSR 1921-1983. Hagen, 1984. 104 pp., illustrated w/in text. Each coin priced in three grades. Printed pink card cover. Near Mint                                                                   20.


1162      Kleshchinov V. and Grishin I. CATALOGUE OF MEDIEVAL COINS OF RUSSIA FROM REIGN OF TZAR IVAN - IV VASILIEVICH TILL SWEDISH OCCUPATION OF NOVGOROD (1533-1617ad.). КАТАЛОГ РУССКИХ СРЕДНЕВЕКОВЫХ МОНЕТ. С правления царя Ивана IV Васильевича до Шведской оккупации Новгорода (1533-1617 гг.). Moscow, 1998. 86 pp., illust. charts interspersed with text pages. The most comprehensive and accessible reference book of the subject. First of a series of three. Each die is well illustrated, numbered and estimated on a IX to I scale of rarity where I is the rarest. Bilingual Russian / English. Includes a concordance table to A.S. Melnikova’s book. Pictorial green soft cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                 20.


1163      Kleshchinov V., Grishin I. DETERMINANT OF THE OBVERSES OF WIRE MONEY OF THE TZAR PETER ALEXEEVICH.  ОПРЕДЕЛИТЛЬ ЛИЦЕВЫХ СТОРОН ПРОРВОЛОЧНЫХ КОПЕЕК ЦАРЯ ПЕТРА АЛЕКСЕЕВИЧА. Moscow, 1992. 35 pp. -- mostly charts, profusely illustrated. Essential work. The best small catalog of wire Kopecks of Peter the Great.Russian Text. 12 mo. Pictorial card covers. Near Mint                                                      5.

1164      Kholodkovskii I. and Hodlevskii N. NUMISMATIC MONUMENTS OF THE PATRIOTIC WAR. Description of Medals and Jettons 1812-1912. A jubilee issue with 160 pictures in text. НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКIЕ ПАМЯТНИКИ ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННОЙ ВОЙНЫ. Описание медалей и жетонов 1812-1912 гг. Юбилейное изданiе съ 160 изображенiями въ текстъ. St. Petersburg, 1912. 136 pp. Profusely illustrated text. A great deal of numismatic and historical information. A Randolph Zander’s photocopies bound in card cover. Very accurate, looks almost like facsimile reprint. Near Mint              15.

1165      Korzuchina G. RUSSIAN HOARDS OF THE 11th-13th Centuries. РУССКИЕ КЛАДЫ. Moscow and Leningrad, Academy of Science of the USSR, 1954. 156 pp., 62 plates, 5 maps. This is a corpus of Ancient Russian hoards, including hoards containing silver monetary ingots - Grivnas, and hoards containing Ancient Russian, Islamic, and Byzantine coins.
C-S 7742. Long out of print. Hard cover. Cover stained. Very Fine                                                                                   80.

1166      Kossof A. and Kaplan S. THE MIKHAILOVICH COLLECTION OF RUSSIAN COINS AND MEDALS. Encino, 1958. 24 pp., illustrated pamphlet. Rare hard cover edition with name: William Schirmer embossed on a cover. Black cloth with Russian double-headed eagle. Cover is loose from the book. Very Fine                                                                                       40.


1167      Kvitkov V. PRICE CATALOG OF RUSSIAN COINS FROM 1700 TO 1913. УКАЗАТЕЛЬ ЦЕНЪ НА РУССКIЯ МОНЕТЫ съ 1700 по 1913 г. Moscow, 1914. 5th edition. 92 pages of Russian text. 16 mo. Errata sheet attached. Original gray card cover.  Cover creased, with heavy wear on ends and fraying of spine. Clean inside. Fine                                        50.


1168      Markov A. RUSSIAN NUMISMATICS. Русская Нумизматика. 2nd edition. Petrograd, ND. 58 pp. plus 4 plates with Early Russian coinage and silver bars. Each plate folded and later pressed. Text pages cropped as is common. Superb modern leather and yellow marble swirl paper binding. Large octavo. Hard cover. Very Fine                                                   150.


1169      Melnikova A. RUSSIAN COINS FROM IVAN THE TERRIBLE TO PETER I. The History of the Russian Monetary System from 1533  to 1682. РУССКИЕ МОНЕТЫ ОТ ИВАНА ГРОЗНОГО ДО ПЕТРА I. Moscow, 1989. 317 pages, 47 photo plates and diagrams, folded insert chart 615 by 960 mm. A monumental work and indispensable reference of Russian wire money. Russian Text. 167 by 245 mm. Pictorial hardbound. Out of Print. Very Fine                                                      25.


1170      Melnikova A. et al. THE ROUBLE OF KONSTANTIN. Константиновский Рубль. Moscow, 1991. 270 pp. Illustrated. Research about the most famous of Russian coins. Russian Text. Hard cover. 12 mo. Green leatherette. Near Mint   10.


1171      Nizovtzev N.  NUMISMATIC TABLES (With pictures). Нумизматические Таблицы. St. Petersburg, 1914. 8th edition. Pictures of rare Russian coins from 1425-1916, with descriptions of copper, silver, gold and platinum coins. 20
fold-out plates. 14 by 4 ¾ in (36 by 12 cm). Card cover, with some edge sections missing, taped at back midsection. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                 50.


1172      Numismatic Section of the Russian Archeological Society. Notes. ЗАПИСКИ НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКОГО ОТДЪЕЛЕНIЯ ИМПЕРАТОРСКОГО РУССКАГО АРХЕОЛОГИЧЕСКАГО ОБЩЕСТВА. Demmeni M. [Ed.]. Volume I, issue 1. St. Petersburg, 1906. 188 pp. VI plates. Volume consists of seven essays including those on Russian Numismatics:

  - В.М. Иверсен. Нъсколько ръдкихъ и интересныхъ русскихъ монетъ изъ собрания В.М. Иверсена. 28 pp., text
     figures, 4 fine plates of rare Russian coins.

  - Markov A. Десятирублевый «Елисаветинъ золотой» 1755 года. 4 pp. illustration in text.

  - Kaufman I.  Русскiй въсъ его развiтие и происхожденiе въ связи съ исторiею русскихъ денежныхъ системъ съ
     древнъйшаго времени.
92 pp. – a monumental study.

Hard bound. Octavo. Contemporary leather with green marble branch veined card binding and gold spine lettering. Some fraying of spine. Very Fine                                                                                                                                              300.


1173      Numismatic Section of the Russian Archeological Society. Notes. ЗАПИСКИ НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКОГО ОТДЪЕЛЕНIЯ ИМПЕРАТОРСКОГО РУССКАГО АРХЕОЛОГИЧЕСКАГО ОБЩЕСТВА. Demmeni M. [Ed.]. Volume I, issue IV. St. Petersburg, 1910. 160 pp. XIII plates. Volume consists of four essays:

   - Pakhomov. COINS OF GEORGIA. МОНЕТЫ ГРУЗИИ. Part I (pre-Mongol period). 133 pp. plus X plates.

   - Markov A. О типахъ Русскихъ Монетъ 15 века. 6 pp. plus 1 plate.

   - Tolstoi, Count I.I. Монеты Великого Князя Дмитрия Ивановича Донскаго. 17 pp. 1 plate.

   - Tolstoi Count. II. О пятикопъечникахъ Екатерины съ Королевскою Короною. 6 pp. plus 1 plate.

Hard bound. Octavo. Leather and orange card covers. Very Fine                                                                                        300.


1174      Oreshnikov A.V. RUSSIAN COINS TO THE YEAR 1547.  РУССКИЕ МОНЕТЫ до 1547 года. Moscow 1896, 232 pages, 21 fine plates with about 1,000 coins. A monumental classic work on all Russian ancient coins since earliest times to 1547. And still the Bible of Russian pre-1547 coinage. Detailed description of each type, with variety and reference number where available provided. Rare original edition. Paper cover. Quarto. Covers with end tears and fraying are off and some page sections lose. Otherwise a very nice clean copy.  Worth binding. Cover Very Good, Book – Very Fine                       400.


1175      As above. Collector’s photocopy. Fine double-sided pages. Unbound, loose pages                                                           15.


1176      Oreshnikov A.[Ed.]. WORKS OF THE MOSCOW NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. ТРУДЫ МОСКОВСКОГО НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКОГО ОБЩЕСТВА. Volume II, issue 1. Moscow, 1899. 82 pp., 44 illustrations w/in text, III very fine plates. Important articles on Russian, Ancient numismatics. Photocopy of cover page. Clean inside. Ex-Libris: Roma i Anatol Gupiencowie; Ex-Libris: Leonid Rabinovich. Blue cloth. Octavo. About Very Fine                                                    350.


1177      Oreshnikov A.V. [Ed.]. NUMISMATIC ARTICLES, A PUBLICATION OF THE MOSCOW NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКIЙ СБОРНИКЪ. Volume I. Moscow, 1911. 714 pp., 19+5 plates, fold out map. Volume II, Moscow, 1913. 359 pp., 20 plates (contains iconography of Alexander I in medals). Volume III, Moscow, 1915. 357 pp., 37 plates, fold out document. A complete set of three volumes in pale slate canvas binding. All Ex-Libris: A. Gupieniec. Octavo. Very Rare, especially so nicely preserved. Near Mint                                                                                              3,000.


Essential articles on Russian, Ancient and Medieval numismatics.


1178      Oreshnikov A.V. COINS OF PRE-MONGOL RUSSIA. ДЕНЕЖНЫЕ ЗНАКИ ДОМОНГОЛЬСКОЙ РУСИ. Proceedings of the State Historical Museum. Volume 6. Moscow, 1936. 96 pp., VI plates. Russian Text. 2 page French Summary. 12 mo. Soft cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                 30.


1179      Petrov V. CATALOGUE DES MONNAIES RUSSES / КАТАЛОГ РУССКИХ МОНЕТ. 2nd edition. Moscow, 1899.
86 pp., 46 plates. Original. Bilingual Russian and French edition. Introductory page is missing. Hard card cover with heavily scratched and poorly preserved. The inside, though, is very nice and clean. A few collectors’ notes inside. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                            


1180      Another as above. In modern red leatherette binding. Cover page taped down to binding. Title page upper corner missing and tissued. Absolutely clean inside. Hard cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                         200.


1181      Petrov V. CATALOG  OF RUSSIAN COINS. КАТАЛОГ РУССКИХ МОНЕТ. 3rd edition. Moscow, 1900. 109 pp., 33 plates. Photocopy. Russian Text. Bound in nice quality dark green covers with black leather spine. Very Fine 40.


1182      Poluiko E. RUBLES OF ANNA IOANOVNA. РУБЛЬ АННЫ ИОАНОВНЫ. Gorkii, 1989. 69, (3) pp., plus 30 plates. The most comprehensive catalog of the topic. Russian Text. Paper back, somewhat loose. 12 mo. Very Fine                20.


1183      Potin V. [Ed.] THE PAST OF OUR MOTHERLAND IN NUMISMATIC MEMORY. ПРОШЛОЕ НАШЕЙ РОДИНЫ В ПАМЯТНИКАХ ЕУМИЗМАТИКИ. The State Hermitage. Numismatic essays. Leningrad, 1979. 223 pp. Well-illustrated. Includes the following essays written by professional numismatists of the Hermitage: Sotnikova M. “Results of the Study of Russian coins from the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries in the Hermitage”, Lvov V. “Devices on Novgorod coins; a Reappraisal”, Kalinin V. “On the technique of Minting Russian coins during the Second half of the Fifteenth and the First Fifteen Years of the Sixteenth Century”, Potin V. “Thalers in the Russian State during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century”, Spassky I. “On the Novodel coins”, Belova L. “Unknown coins from Chersones in the Hermitage collection”, Dobrovol’skiy I. “Rare Georgian coins in the Hermitage collection”, Severova M. “Copper coins from Iranian Towns counter-stamped with a two-headed Eagle”. Text in Russian with short English summary for each article. Pictorial hardbound. Octavo. Very Fine to Near Mint                                                                                                                          20.


1184      Raman A. A Complete Manual for Collectors of old and expensive russian coins. Полное Практическое Руководство для Собиранiя Старинныхъ и Дорогих Русскихъ Монетъ. Riga, 1904. Reprint Kiev, 1994. Russian Text. 63 pp., incl. 15pp. Highlights of Russia's numismatic history and 38pp. decent price guide of post-1700 coins of moderate or higher scarcity. Soft cover. 12mo. Mint                                                                                                 5.


1185      Ravdina T. BURIALS OF 10th to 11th Centuries WITH COINS IN THE TERRITORY OF ANCIENT RUS’. ПОГРЕБЕНИЯ X-XI вв. С МОНЕТАМИ НА ТЕРРИТОРИИ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Institute of Archaeology of the USSR. 146, (6) pp. Map and drawn illustrations w/in text. The only reference of its kind. Important to specialists only. Not for general collectors. Pictorial card cover. 8 mo. Near Mint                                                                                               15.

1186      Reichel J.J. DIE REICHELSCHE MÜNZSAMMLUNG IN ST. PETERSBURG. St. Petersburg, 1842. 424 pp., 9 plates, 1 diameter scale. A photocopy reprint. Very useful, important especially for Russian historical medals. Card cover           20.


1187      Richter V. von. COLLECTION OF WORKS FOR RUSSIAN MILITARY MEDALISTICS AND HISTORY. СОБРАНИЕ ТРУДОВ ПО РУССКОЙ ВОЕННОЙ МЕДАЛЛИСТИКЕ И ИСТОРИИ.  Paris, 1972. 627 pp. 75 plates and other illustrations. Text in Russian with English translation and expansion of Captions to illustrations and article titles. Small Quarto. Long out of print. Hard cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                      100.


This is a very important work on Imperial Russian Awards, Historical Medals and related subjects.


1188      RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. Protocols for September-December, 1915. РОССIЙСКОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО НУМИЗМАТОВЪ. Протоколы 1915 (Сентябрь-Декабрь). Petrograd, 1916. 11 pp. Card cover. Very Fine        50.


1189      Saveliev P. MUHAMMADAN NUMISMATICS in relationships to Russian History. Topography of Coin Hoards of 7th to 11th Centuries from Russia and Baltic States. Explanations with Historical Comments regarding the trade of North-Eastern Europe in the time of establishment of early Russian State. МУХАММЕДАНСКАЯ НУМИЗМАТИКА ВЪ ОТНОШЕНIИ КЪ РУССКОЙ ИСТОРИИ. Топография Кладовъ съ Иосточными Монетами и Изделiями VII, VIII, IX, X, XI въека, въ Россiи и При-Балтiйскихъ Странахъ с обьясненая Историческими Свидътелбствами. St. Petersburg, 1846. CCXXXII and 180 pp. Russian Text. A revolutionary book for the time, opening the door on that early stage of numismatics to an understanding of the  importance of coin hoards, numismatic topography, metrology, etc. Still very important for both early Russian and Islamic numismatics. Very Rare. Leather spine is worn and partially chipped off. Clean inside with some foxing. Fine                                                                                                                         400.


1190      Severin H. THE SILVER COINAGE OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA 1682 TO 1917. A compilation of all known types and varieties with 48 plates. Basel, 1965. 276 pp + 48 fine plates. English Text. Octavo. Hardbound edition. Long out of print and virtually impossible to find in this condition. Near Mint                                                                                                 100.


1191      Severov(a) M. LA LITTERATURE NUMISMATIQUE DANS LA RUSSIE DU XVIII ÈME SIECLE. Bibliographie annotee 1710-1800. Aperçugénéral. Musee D’etat de L’Ermitage. Leningrad, 1982. General review. Annotated bibliography. Quarto. Dark blue leatherette, gilt letters. Near Mint                                                                                          60.


1192      Schubert, Général T. F. de. MONNAYES DES RUSSES DES DERNIÈRS TROIS SIÈCLES, DEPUIS LE CZAR JOAN WASILIEWICZ GROZNYI JUSJU’À L’EMPEROR ALEXANDER II. 1547-1855 PAR LE GÉNÉRAL T.F. DE SCHUBERT  / Russian Coins of the last three Centuries, from Czar John Wasiliewicz Groznyi to Emperor Alexander II. Leipsic, 1857. Atlas. Contains 37 embosses, tinted plates depicting 1,072 coins which are represented in original size
steel diecut gold, silver and beautiful copper. Comes with original carbon folder as issued and unbound royal blue cover page, which is somewhat discolored. Some plates have minimal oxidation stains, as is typical. Oblong folio. Very Fine to Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                             2,000.


This is an important standard work on Russian numismatics and itself a classic rarity.


1193      Schubert, General-Lieutenant T. F. DESCRIPTION OF RUSSIAN COINS AND MEDALS FROM THE COLLECTION OF GENERAL-LEIUTENANT F.F. SHUNERT. ОПИСАНIЕ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ И МЕДАЛЕЙ СОБРАНIЯ ГЕНЕРАЛ-ЛЕЙТЕНАНТА Ф.Ф. ШУБЕРТА. Moscow, 1845. XLVII fine plates with Russian rare coins and medals. Collector’s photocopy. Loose pages housed in file folder                                                                                          10.


1194      Smirnov V. DESCRIPTION OF RUSSIAN MEDALS.  ОПИСАНИЕ РУССКИХ МЕДАЛЕЙ. St. Petersburg, 1908. 748 pp., 1394 medals described. Photocopy. Russian Text. This is a master copy used by dealer Leonas Hermes to produce limited photocopy printings of the book. A very large file with loose pages. Complete                                                          40.


1195      Shelokov. COINS OF THE USSR. МОНЕТЫ СССР. 2nd edition. Moscow, 1989. 238 pp. Fully illustrated w/in text. Russian Text. Gives main types and varieties of Soviet coins. Rare coins marked as such by R1-R5 rarity scale. Hard cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                   10.


1196      Solntzov D. DENGAS AND PULOS OF ANCIENT RUSSIA. ДЕНЬГИ И ПУЛЫ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Moscow, 1860. 140 pp., X tinted plates. Original. Octavo. Original Card cover. Very Fine                                                                                        100.


1197      Solntzov D. DENGAS AND PULOS OF ANCIENT RUSSIA. ДЕНЬГИ И ПУЛЫ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Appendix B. Moscow, 1862. 82 pp., 4 tinted plates – plates XI-XIV. Second in the series, a continuation and a companion to the above. Original. Octavo. Newly hard bound – gold speckled cloth and red leather. Very Fine                                                           100.

1198      Solntzov D. NUMISMATIC STADIES OF THE SLAVIC COINS. НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ СЛАВЯНСКИХ МОНЕТ. Moscow, 1865. 104 pp., 2 plates – plates XV and XV. Photocopy. Card cover                            10.


1199      Solntzov D. COINS OF CZECHIA, UNPUBLISHED RUSSIAN AND POLISH COINS. МОНЕТЫ ЧЕХIИ и НЕОПИСАННЫЯ РУССКIЯ и ПОЛЬСКIЯ. Part 1, Issue II. Moscow, 1867. 54 pp., 1 tinted plate – plate XVII. Original. Octavo. Very nice modern deep burgundy leather and green and red wave card binding. Very Fine                                 100.


1200      As above. 54 pp. Plates XVII and XVIII. Photocopy. Card cover                                                                                          10.


1201      Solntzov D. SUPPLEMENT TO THE NUMISMATIC STUDIES. ДОПОЛНЕНИЯ К НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКИМ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯМ. Moscow, 1872. 69 pp. Photocopy. Last of the series of these important studies. Card cover                10.


1202      Soboleva N. HERALDICS OF RUSSIAN TOWNS. РОССИЙСКАЯ ГОРОДСКАЯ И ОБЛАСТНАЯ ГЕРАЛЬДИКА XVIII-XIX вв. Moscow, 1981. 262 pp. Pictorial hard cover. Very Fine                                                                                     15.


1203      Sothikova M., Spassky I. MILLENNIUM OF ANCIENT RUSSIAN COINS. Combined catalogue of Russian Ancient coins (srebrenniks) of X-XI century. ТЫСЯЧЕЛЕТИЕ ДРЕВНЕЙШИХ МОНЕТ РОССИИ. Leningrad, 1983. Text in Russian. 238 pages, profusely illustrated. This monumental book is dedicated to the Millennium of Russian Coinage and consists of two parts: the research and combined catalogue with supplement. The research part highlights a study of coins of Vladimir, Yaroslav, Sviatopolk, etc. The second part gives full descriptions of 340 well-known ‘srebrenniks’ of X-XI century from the USSR and Foreign museums. Supplement lists bibliography and 3 variants of cross-references. 238 pp profusely illustrated. Pictorial hardbound. 178 by 248 mm. Quarto. Near Mint                                                                                25.


1204      Spassky I. THE RUSSIAN MONETARY SYSTEM. РУССКАЯ МОНЕТНАЯ СИСТЕМА. Moscow, 1957.. Scarce 1st edition. Russian Text. 121 pp. Illustrated. Octavo. Hard cover. C-S 11201; 12 mo. Fine                                                                                                  20.


1205      Spassky I. THE RUSSIAN MONETARY SYSTEM. РУССКАЯ МОНЕТНАЯ СИСТЕМА. Leningrad, 1962 3rd. Revised edition. Russian Text. 221 pp. Fully illustrated. Octavo. Hard cover. C-S 11201. Very Fine                                                          30.


1206      Spassky I. THE RUSSIAN MONETARY SYSTEM. A Historico-Numismatic Survey. Amsterdam, 1967. English Text. 253 pp. Profusely illustrated w/in Text. A classic work on Russian coins:  a must for "wire-money" collectors and great reading for Russian Numismatics scholars. Quarto. Hard cover with sleeve. Long out of print. MINT                   70.


Moscow, 1964. 102, (2) pp., illustrated. Russian Text with 10-page English summary. 16 mo. Paper cover. Cover worn.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                 


1208      Spassky I. RUSSIAN YEFIMOKS. Essay and Catalogue. РУССКИЕ ЕФИМКИ. Каталог. Novosibirsk, Academy of Science of the USSR, 1988. 208 pp. plus CXX plates. Text in Russian with English summary. Complete reference on the subject. Detailed description of 1,800 counterstamped European Talers so-called Yefimoks. Bibliography of 200 Auction catalogs used. Original blue leatherette covers. 12 mo. Near Mint                                                                                       30.


An indispensable reference on the topic. Also a great auxiliary reference for wire money and European Taler  collectors.


1209      Spassky I. and Shchukina E. MEDALS AND COINS OF THE AGE OF PETER THE GREAT. From the Hermitage collection. Leningrad, 1974. 39 pp, 80 color plates, 3 fold-out engravings of battles. Text in English and Russian. Quarto. Hard bound, green leatherette, lettered in gold. Near Mint                                                                                                 25.


1210      Stakhovich A. COMMENTARY ON THE WORK OF YU. B. IVERSEN ON MEDALS OF PETER THE GREAT. КОММЕНТАРИИ К ТРУДУ ИВЕРСЕНА «МОНЕТЫ НА ДЕЯНИЯ ПЕТРА ВЕЛИКОГО». Paris, 1952. 100 pp. Russian Text. Collector’s photocopy. Poor quality. Loose pages housed in a file                                                                        10.

1211      Stchukina E. RUSSIAN MEDALLIC ART IN THE 18TH CENTURY. РУССКОЕ МЕДАЛЬЕРНОЕ ИСКУССТВО В РОССИИ XVIII ВЕКА. State Hermitage. Leningrad, 1962. 128, (4) pp., numerous text illustrations of medals. Extensive bibliography and index. Russian Text. English Summary. Rare, important, and long out of print. Original tan cloth, spine lettered in gilt, dust jacket somewhat chipped. Hard bound. Quarto. Good Fine                                                                   75.

1212      Stchukina E. TWO CENTURIES OF RUSSIAN MEDALS. Medallic Art in Russia 1700-1917. ДВА ВЕКА РУССКОЙ МЕДАЛИ. Медальерное искусство в России 1700-1917 гг. Moscow, 2000. 269 pp., profusely illustrated w/in text. Russian Text. Octavo. Hard cover with dust cover. Mint                                                                                                         20.

1213      Soohodolsy A. RARE COPPER, SILVER, GOLD AND PLATINUM COINS OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA. San Francisco, 1944. 40 pp. 24 mo. Original tan card cover, printed in red and green.  Pinholes along spine. Very Fine                     50.

1215      Tal’skaya O. COINS OF THE URALS AND SIBERIA. УРАЛЬСКИЕ И СИБИРСКИЕ МОНЕТЫ. Sverdlovsk, 1959. 44 pp. Card covers, loose. Fine                                                                                                                                             30.

B. Brekke’s copy with his handwriting.

1216      Tolstoi, Count I.I. THE COINS OF GRAND DUKE VASILII DMITRIEVICH 1380-1425. Монеты Великого Князя Василия Дмитриевича  1389-1425. St. Petersburg, 1911. 84 pp. 5 plates. Original. C-S 7396. Rare. Hard khaki-green and red leather and cloth cover. Small piece of cloth off cover and tape mark. Very minor foxing. Folio. Very Fine        200.

1217      Another as above. Randolph Zander’s photocopies bound in card cover. Very accurate, looks like a facsimile reprint. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                25.

1218      Trutovskii V. NUMISMATICS. НУМИЗМАТИКА. Moscow Institute of Archeology. Moscow, 1909. This is an extremely rare 1st edition which was completely withdrawn by the author due to mistakes he found. 115, (2) pp. I plate, illustrations in text. Quarto. Card cover taped and supported. Some stains and nicks. Pages nicked and dog-eared. About Fine             250.


1219      Uvarov, Count, A. CATALOG OF A COLLECTION OF ANTIQUTIES. КАТАЛОГЪ СОБРАНIЯ ДРЕВНОСТЕЙ ГРАФА Алексъя Сергъевича Уварова. Parts VIII-XI. Moscow, 1908. 197 pp. plus 6 plates (plates XV-XX). Detailed catalog and description of Early Russian Bronze Icons, Bronze Crosses, Curved Icons and Crosses. A magnificent and important reference. Original card cover bound in attractive leather with colorful cut agate pattern. Raised ridge spine. Good Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                            750.


1220      Uzdenikov V. RUSSIAN COINS 1700-1917. Moscow 1993. Bilingual Russian-English edition. 680 pp., plates w/in text. Hard bound. Very accurate rarity scale. Octavo. Mint                                                                                                                                                                   25.


The standard reference used by every major Auction house and dealer.


1221      Uzdenikov V. COINS OF RUSSIA XVIII - early XX Century. Numismatic essays. Moscow 1994. 207pp. Russian Text. Many illustra tions w/in text. Book consists of 16 important articles on different aspects of Russian numismatics. Soft cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                  15.


1222      Vasil’evsky M. ALBUM OF COINS. АЛЬБОМ МОНЕТ. Moscow, 1913. 16 pp. plus 12 plates. Line drawing of rare Russian coins. Original cloth-backed boards, slightly soiled. 12 mo. Hard cover. Very Fine                                             75.


1223      Vikentev V. COLLECTION OF MASONIC OBJECTS FROM THE RUSSIAN HISTORICAL MUSEUM. СОБРАНIЕ МАСОНСКИХЪ ПРЕДМЕТОВЪ РОССIЙСКОГО ИСТОРИЧЕСКОГО МУЗЕЯ. I. Moscow, 1918. 34 pp., illustrated. Folio. Ex-Library stamp. Rare. Original card cover bound in attractive leather with colorful cut agate pattern. Raised ridge spine. A few stray marks and ink stamps inside. One small piece of backing tape on cover page. Very Fine


1224      Yanin V. EARLY RUSSIAN MONETARY SYSTEM – PRE MONGOL PERIOD. ДЕНЕЖНО-ВЕСОВЫЕ СИСТЕМЫ РУССКОГО СРЕДНЕВЕКОВЬЯ. До Монгольский Период. Moscow, 1956. 204, (4) pp. text figures, 2 fold-out maps. Original printed wrappers. Very Fine                                                                                                                 40.


1225      Yanin V. Medieval Russian Pendant Seals 10th-15th Cent.  АКТОВЫЕ ПЕЧАТИ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Moscow, 1970. Russian Text. Last volume with English and French Summary. Set of three volumes. Volume I: Ancient Seals from 10th to 13th Century. 324 pp. plus 76 plates. Volume II: Novgorod Seals of 13th-15th Century. 366 pp.
plus 109 plates. Volume III. Along with P. Gaidukov, Moscow, 1998: Seals of X-XV C. recorded in the 1970-1996 period. 256 pp. plus 238 fine plates. All three volumes hardbound with pictorial dust jackets. Complete reference on the subject
up to date. Simple identification. This is a Corpus of Russian lead seals. First two Volumes are long out of print. Quarto. Rare. Dust covers slightly loose. Very Fine                                                                                                                                    200.


A must for Russian and Byzantine lead seals collectors and also for Medieval Russian specialists.


1226      Yanin V., and Gaidukov P. ANCIENT RUSSIAN ACT SEALS OF THE X-XV CENTURIES. АКТОВЫЕ ПЕЧАТИ ДРЕВНЕЙ РУСИ. Moscow, 1998. Volume III. The Seals registered in 1970-1996. 496 pp., incl. 238 fine plates. Most recent research of 1,130 Ancient Lead Seals. Russian Text. Bibliography w/ about 300 entries. Quarto. Hardbound. Pictorial dust clothes. Mint                                                                                                                                                                      45.


1227      Yuhkt A. RUSSIAN MONEY FROM PETER THE GREAT TO ALEXANDER I. РУССКИЕ ДЕНЬГИ ОТ ПЕТРА ВЕЛИКОКГО ДО АЛЕКСАНДРА I.  Moscow, 1994. 294 pp. 41 plates. Russian Text. Informative study. Octavo. Green leatherette, lettered in white. Hard bound. Cover is loose from pages on one side. Otherwise Very Fine                  10.         


1228      Zander R. SILVER RUBLES AND YEFIMOKS OF ROMANOV RUSSIA 1654-1915. СЕРЕБРЯННЫЕ РУБЛИ РОМАНОВСКОЙ РОССИИ. Kiev, 1998. 207 pp., profusely illustrated. Russian edition. Quarto. Hardbound.
MINT                                                                                                                                                                                         20.


1229      Zander R. THE ALASKAN PARCHMENT OF THE RUSSIAN AMERICAN COMPANY. 1816-1867. Russian Numismatic Society Publication. 1996. 48pp. Profusely illustrated w/in text. Octavo. Soft cover. Mint                                                            12.


1230      [Zavorotnaya L.] MEDALS ON THE EVENTS OF THE EPOCH OF PETER I. From the A.A. Stachovich’s collection. МЕДАЛИ НА СОБЫТИЯ ЭПОХИ ПЕТРА I из Коллекции А. А. Стаховича. Мoscow, 1988. 95 (25) pp., 16 plates. Russian Text. His complete collection was donated to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Rare and very important. Pictorial card cover. Very fine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             75.


1231      As above. Fine collector’s photocopy. Card cover                                                                                                               15.


1232      Zubov P. MATERIALS ON RUSSIAN NUMISMATICS. МАТЕРIАЛЫ К РУССКОЙ НУМИЗМАТИКЪ.   Moscow, 1897. vii, 31 pp. X plates. Ex-Libris stamp in Cyrillic: “Aleksandr Pavlovich Sitov”. Also a very fine Ex-Libris attached, but name was cut off. Quarto. Hard olive and red leather and card cover. Important. Original. Plates II-IX are missing and substituted by photocopies. Otherwise Very Fine                                                                                                                       200.


1233      As above. Photocopy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        10.





1234      Badaev A. PAPER MONEY CIRCULATED IN THE UKRAINE. БУМАЖНЫЕ ДЕНЬГИ ХОДИВШИЕ НА УКРАИНЕ. Chernigov, 1991. 196 pp. Russian Text. Card cover. Octavo, and  NATIONAL PAPER MONEY OF THE UKRAINE. НАЦIОНАЛНI ПАПЕРОВI ГРОШI УКРАЇНИ. 59 pp. English, Ukrainian, Russian Text. Pictorial card cover. Octavo. Both Very Fine                                                                                                                                        (Set of 2) 15.


1234      Heritage World Coin Auctions, Inc. RUSSIAN IMPERIAL CURRENCY. New York, July 30, 2002. 163 lots of Imperial Russian paper money. Official issues. The largest ever and very well presented auction sale. Every note is illustrated in
full color. Lots brought various results. A must for a specialist! With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial card cover. Octavo.
Mint                                                                                                                                                                                           25.


1235      Kardakoff N. KATALOG DER GELDSCHEINE VON RUSSLAND UND DER BALTISCHEN STAATEN 1769-1950. Berlin, 1953. 444 pp. Some illustrations at the end. Duplicated typescript. Original sand and tan cloth-backed boards. Original. Octavo. Very Rare, especially this nice. Near Mint                                                                                                 400.


1236      Katz L. and Malishev A. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RUSSIAN PAPER MONEY. ЭНЦИКЛОПЕДИЯ БУМАЖНЫХ ДЕНЕЖНЫХ ЗНАКОВ РОССИИ. St. Petersburg, 1998. 607 pp. Profusely illustrated w/in text. Prices are given in two grades. Text in Russian with some English. Luxurious limited special edition. Inscribed by the author. Supple dark green full leather binding with gold lettering. Large quarto. Mint                                                                                                      125.


1237      Malishev A, and others. PAPER MONEY OF RUSSIA AND THE USSR. БУМАЖНЫЕ ДЕНЕЖНЫЕ ЗНАКИ РОССИИ И СССР. Moscow, 1991. 494 pp. Numerous illustrations w/in text in color and b/w. Russian Text. English summary. Rarity scale. Hard bound. 8 mo. Near Mint                                                                                                                  30.


1238      Sokolov V. and Ivanov M. CATAOGUE OF PRIVATE PAPER MONEY & SCRIPT ISSUED IN RUSSIA DURING THE 1914-1925 PERIOD. КАТАЛОГ БОН НЕОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНОГО ОБРАЩЕНИЯ (ЧАСТНЫХ), ВЫПУЩЕННЫХ НА ТЕРРИТОРИИ СССР в ПЕРИОД 1914-1925 г.г. Rostov Don,  1927. Exemplar # 8. Published by North-Caucasus branch of V.O.K. and representative by S.F.A. XIII pp., plus 77 pp. catalog, plus V pp. With Two Supplements, each 8 pp. Old courier typewritter-like type. Modern coarse suede covers. Print run 200 numbered copies. With signatures of authors (color coordinating their notes) and their marks and notes in red and blue pencil. Very Rare. Folio. Very Fine               500.


1239      [Polinskii U.]. CATALOG OF PAPER MONEY OF R.S.F.S.R. 1917 – 1923. КАТАЛОГ БУМАЖНЫХ ДЕНЕЖНЫХ ЗНАКОВ РСФСР 1917-1923 ГОДОВ. State Museum of the Revolution. Leningrad, 1990. 149 pp. Illustrations w/in text. Green printed paper back. Very Fine                                                                                                                         10.


1240      Talvio, T. THE COINS AND PAPER MONEY OF FINLAND. Bank of Finland, Helsinki, 1987. 140 PP. fully illustrated in color. English text. Banknotes issued by Bank of Finland since its foundation in 1811 and the coins struck 1864. Luxurious edition. Octavo. Pictorial dust cover. Near mint                                                                                                                45.


1241      Tarankov V. STOCKS AND BONDS OF THE RUSSIAN STATE. ЦЕННЫЕ БУМАГИ ГОСУДАРСТВА РОССИЙСКОГО. Moscow-Tol’yati, 1992. 648 pp. Profusely illustrated in color and b/w. Large quarto. A standard reference. Green cloth bound. Pictorial dust cover somewhat raggedy. Near Mint                                                                        50.


1242      Vasukov A. and others. PAPER MONEY OF RUSSIA AND THE USSR. БУМАЖНЫЕ ДЕНЕЖНЫЕ ЗНАКИ РОССИИ И СССР. 213, (3) pp., 32 color plates. Additional illustrations in b/w. Hard cover. Pictorial dust cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                              20.





1243      ALL-RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC CONFERENCE # 5. The State Hermitage. St. Petersburg, April 20-25, 1998. This conference was dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Chief of the Numismatic Department V. M. Potin. 130 thesis of reports and announces. 244 pp., illustrated. A limited edition for conference participants only. Published works were presented by the following categories: Ancient, Byzantine, Islamic, Medieval Europe, Russia, Coin hoards, Paper money, Commemorative medals, Phaleristic, Sfragistic, Collections. Most scholars presented their ongoing work, new discoveries, previously unpublished or unrecorded material. Russian Text.Print run to 350. Pictorial card covers. 12mo Text in Russian. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                 30.


1244      ALL-RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC CONFERENCE # 7. Yarosavl', April 19-23, 1999. 140 thesis of reports and announces. 285 pp., illustrated. A limited edition for conference participants only. Published works were presented by the following categories: Ancient, Byzantine, Islamic, Medieval Europe, Russia, Coin hoards, Paper money, Commemorative medals, Phaleristic, Sfragistic, Collections. Most scholars presented their ongoing work, new discoveries, previously unpublished or unrecorded material. Print run to 500. Pictorial blue card covers. 12mo Text in Russian. Near Mint                                             30.


1245      ALL-RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC CONFERENCE # 8. Moscow, State Historical Museum, April 17-21, 2000. 170 thesis
of reports and announces. 311 pp., illustrated. A limited edition for conference participants only. Published works
were presented by the following categories: Ancient, Byzantine, Islamic, Medieval Europe, Russia, Coin hoards, Paper money, Commemorative medals, Phaleristic, Sfragistic, Collections. Most scholars presented their ongoing work, new discoveries, previously unpublished or unrecorded material. Print run to 450. Pictorial green card covers. Text in Russian. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                30.


1246      ALL-RUSSIAN NUMISMATIC CONFERENCE # 9. State Hermitage – Novgorod, April 16-21, 2001. Over 200 thesis of reports and announces. 287 pp., illustrated. A limited edition for conference participants only. Published works were presented by the following categories: Ancient, Byzantine, Islamic, Medieval Europe, Russia, Coin hoards, Paper money, Commemorative medals, Phaleristic, Sfragistic, Collections. Most scholars presented their ongoing work, new discoveries, previously unpublished or unrecorded material. Print run to 450. Printed card covers. Text in Russian. Near Mint            30.


1247      MONETA. The International Numismatic Almanac. МОНЕТА.  Vologda, 1995. Isues 1, 2 and 3. Materials published by All Russian Numismatic conference. Includes scholarly articles on Ancient (Barbarian imitations), Early and Imperial Russian, Islamic numismatics, Faleristics. Russian Text with English, French and German summaries. Pictorial card covers. 16 mo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                         (Set of 3) 30.


1248      As above. Issue 1. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                  10.


1249      MOSCOW NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. Collection of articles # 2. НУМИЗМАТИЧЕСКИЙ СБОРНИК. Moscow, 1992. Russian Text. 117 pp., illust. 15 important essays on Russian, Medieval, Islamic numismatics. Pictorial card cover. 12 mo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                       10.

1250      NUMISMATICS & EPIGRAPHY. НУМИЗМАТИКА И ЭПИГРАФИКА. НУМИЗМАТИКА И ЭПИГРАФИКА. Academy of Science of the USSR. Moscow, 1960 – on. D. Shelov [Ed.]. Volumes I, III, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII, XV. A series of collected essays written by professional numismatists on various subjects of Russian, Islamic, Ancient numismatics.  Russian Text. C-S 845. Octavo. Hardbound. Very Fine                                                                                (Set of 9) 250.

1251      As above. Volume XIII. Moscow, 1980. 142 pp., 37 fine plates. Hardbound. Very Fine                                                  20.

1252      NUMISMATICS AND FALERISTICS. International coin trend magazine. Kiev, Ukraine. Quarterly periodic magazine since 1997. The only regular periodical on numismatics and faleristics in the former Soviet Republics. Very informative and well illustrated. Many essays written as mini-catalogs on Ancient, Medieval and Russian numismatics reflecting current prices in the Ukrainian market. In four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. A complete set of 20 issues for years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Quarto. Near Mint                                                                                             100.

1253      SOVIET COLLECTOR. СОВЕТСКИЙ КОЛЛЕКЦИОНЕР. Sovietskii Kollekzioner. An annual publication on Russian numismatics, philatelics, faleristics, paper money, etc. Moscow 1963-1991. Issues 2-16, (# 7 -photocopy), 8-16, 19-24, 26-28. C-S 931. All octavo and soft pictorial covers. Fine to Near Mint                                                                        (set of 23) 200.

1254      As above. Issues 3, 4, 10, 12, 15, 26. Fine to Near Mint                                                                                        (set of 6) 60.

1255      As above. Issues 3, 4, 10, 26. Fine to Near Mint                                                                                                     (set of 6) 40.

1256      Studies of the State Hermitage. Studies from the Department of Numismatics. Collections of articles on Russian, Ancient, Islamic, Medieval numismatics. State Hermitage publications. Russian Text. English summaries. C-S 954. Very important.

1.    Volume 2. Bykov A. [Ed.]. Leningrad, 1961. 147 pp., illustrations, charts, maps w/in text.

2.    Volume 4. Bykov A. [Ed.]. Leningrad, 1971. 202 pp., illustrations, charts, maps w/in text.

3.    Volume 5. Potin V. [Ed.]. Leningrad, 1981. 211 pp., illustrations, charts, maps w/in text.

4.    Volume 6. Potin V. [Ed.]. Leningrad, 1986. 166 pp., illustrations, charts, maps w/in text.

Hard cover. Quarto. Very Fine or better                                                                                                                 (Set of 4) 200.


1257      Studies of the State Historical Museum. Numismatic Essays. Part One. Sivers A. [Ed.]. Moscow, 1955. A special issue to commemorate A.  V. Oreshnikov. 8 articles by the leading numismatists on Russian numismatics. 183, (2) pp., portrait plate, XXIV plates. Russian Text. Rare. Hard cover. Brown cloth. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                  50.


1258      Studies of the State Historical Museum. Numismatic Department. Collections of articles, mainly on Russian numismatics. Also Ancient and Islamic. 4 volumes:

1.      Part Nine. Melnikova A. [Ed.]. New in Numismatic Research. Moscow, 1986. 17 articles. 223 pp., incl. 31 plates.

2.      Part XI. Belyakov A. [Ed.]. Numismatics, Paper Money, Faleristics. Moscow, 1992. 14 articles. 263 pp. incl. 58 plates.

3.      Part XII. Melnikova A. [Ed.]. Essays on the History of the Numismatic Department of the Museum. Moscow, 1993.
7 articles. 143 pp., 3 pages English summary.

4.      Pat XIV. Belyakov A. and Molchanov A. [Ed.]. Numismatics of the Historical Museum. In memory of Svetlana Yanina. Moscow, 2001. 389 pp. Many illustrations, charts, maps w/in text. English forewords.

5.      Part XV. Molchanov A. [Ed.]. Numismatics at the Fin-de-Siecle. Moscow, 2001. 437 pp., Many illustrations, charts, mapsw/text. All very informative. Russian Text. Printed card cover. Octavo. Very Fine                  (Set of 5) 100.


1259      Works of the State Historical Museum. Numismatic Department. Collection of articles on Russian, Ancient and Islamic numismatics. Part XI. Belyakov A. [Ed.]. Numismatics, Paper Money, Faleristics. Moscow, 1992. 14 articles. 263 pp., incl. 58 plates. Russian Text. 3-page English summary. Very Fine                                                                                                    20.


1260      World Coin News. A Special SOVIET edition. Vol 10, Whole No. 116. August 1973. Featured special articles: - Tour of Russia and Soviet Asia; - Crimean Coinage; - Tangas in Turkestan; - Mikhailovich Collection Revisited; - Review of USSR Coins. Other articles, advertisement, etc. Informative. 12 mo. Pictorial card cover. Very Fine                                   10.

1261      THE OLD COIN. Numismatic Journal. СТАРАЯ МОНЕТА. Нумизматический Журнал.  Kopilov B. [Ed.]. St. Petersburg 1911. Russian Text. Very informative collection of articles; mainly material concerning Russian numismatics, medals, jetons. A complete original set of 10 issues of 1911. C-S 933. Red leather and gray cloth bound. Binding and pages are loose, some cover paper off cover cloth. Clean. Very Fine                                                                                                250.

1262      Another. A complete original set of 10 issues of 1912. Card covers. Spine had been taped, but covers now off. Somewhat loose pages. Fine to Very Fine                                                                                                                                            250.

1263      Another. A complete set of 1910-1912. 30 issues. Randolph Zander’s photocopies bound in 3 card covers. Very accurate, looks like a facsimile reprint. Near Mint                                                                                                                                     75.

Auction Sale catalogs:

(all catalogs are specialized sales, unless described otherwise )


1264      Aurea Numismatika Praha. ANTONIN PROKOP COLLECTION PART I. December 7, 2002. 404 lots. A highly important “old style” collection of Russian coins. With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial laminated card cover. Octavo.
Mint                                                                                                                                                                                           25.


Those two sales are the most current important auctions on Russian coinage. It shall guide on a today’s new price level.  


1265      Aurea Numismatika Praha. ANTONIN PROKOP COLLECTION PART II. May 5, 2003. 384 lots. A highly important “old style” collection of Russian coins. With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial laminated card cover. Octavo. Mint 25.


1266      Baldwin’s / Dmitry Markov / M&M. The New York Sale. Auction VI. THE RUSSIAN COLLECTION. New York, January 16, 2003. 266 lots of important and choice Russian coins and medals. Blue laminated card cover. Quarto.
Mint                                                                                                                                                                                           25.


1267      Alexander Basok. RUSTY PENNIES. Mail bid sale catalogs: 1, 5-10, 13-14. Chicago 1995-2000. Profusely illustrated. About 500 to 1,000 items in each catalog. Rich in Russian material. Especially important for Pre-1700 (wire money) coinage, Imperial coins in copper, coins of the USSR, Medals. Octavo. Card cover. One only Fine, the rest Very Fine or better
                                                                                                                                                                                  (Lot of 9) 40.


1268      Bobergs Mynthandel. Auctionskatalog Nr. 1. GEORG VON FRANCKENS SAMLUNG AV RYSKA MYNT. Stockholm, October 18, 1926. 628 lots. Picture of von Francken. Original card cover with minor stain. 12 mo Very Fine                     35.


1269      Adolph E. Cahn. Auction 66. SAMMLUNG RUSSISCHER MÜNZEN. And Other Coins. Frankfurt, May 6, 1930. 160 pp. 2,483 lots, including 248 Russian, 23 plates, 25-47. A very important sale with exceptional Russian items. Most certainly a Russian museum liquidation sale. Photocopy of P/R. Very Fine clean copy. Card cover                                                       75.


1270      Another as above. About 10 plates with Ancient coins have been heavily damaged, some images have been clipped out, etc. Russian plates and entire text, though, perfect. Spine somewhat loose and frayed    Fine                                                     40.


1271      Conros. Auction sale catalogs of 2000 - 2003: # 3; 4; 5; 5-supplement; 6; 16, 18. A reputable Auction house in St. Petersburg specializing and heavily promoting Russian coin collecting. All printed card covers. Quarto. Very Fine          (Lot of 7) 50.


1272      Galerie des Monnaies of Geneva, Ltd. 1981 NEW ORLEANS AUCTION SALE; COINS OF THE WORLD. 2,478 lots, well illustrated. Over 100 lots of important Russian coins from 12th to 20th Centuries including silver grivnas, pre-Petrine gold coins, patterns, etc. Quarto. Card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                 35.


1273      Brüdder Egger. AUKTION-KATALOG RUSSISCHER MÜNZEN in Silber und Kuppfer. АУКЦIОННЫЙ КАТАЛОГЪ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ Серебромъ и Медью. Wien, May 18, 1910. 1513 lots of Russian coins. In German. Photocopy. Blue card cover                                                                                                                                            10.


1274      Dmitry Markov Coins & Medals. Auction sales IV (The Russian Sale part I – 491 lots – coins, medals, numismatic literature), V (The Russian Sale part II - 502 lots – coins, medals, numismatic literature), № 6 (1,038 lots, incl. 581 Russian lots), № 7 (851 lots, incl. 264 Russian lots), № 8 (454 lots, incl. 142 Russian lots), № 9 (462 lots, incl. 149 Russian lots), № 10 (876 lots, incl. 301 Russian lots), № 11 (current auction. 952 lots, incl. 253 Russian lots). Not to be immodest, but these catalogs are highly recognized by collectors all over the World. Pictorial laminated card covers. Quarto. All with P/R. Mint                                                                                                                                    (Set of 8) 150.


1275      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 4. COINS, PAPER MONEY, ORDERS and MEDALS. Moscow, December 7, 1996. 27 pp. 270 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                  20.


A Moscow Auction house, specializing mainly in Russian material. The majority of items offered in this and sales below are Russian. 


1276      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 5. COINS, ORDERS and MEDALS, BREAST BADGES, JETTONS. Moscow, February 8, 1997. 38 pp. 329 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                   20.


1277      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 6. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, April 12, 1997.  36 pp. 286 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                                20.


1278      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 7. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, September 13, 1997.  43 pp. 296 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                        20.


1279      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 9. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, February 19, 1998. 47 pp. 256 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                        20.


1280      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 9. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, February 19, 1998. 47 pp. 256 lots. Quarto. With P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                        20.


1281      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 12. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, December 19, 1998. 51 pp. 321 lots. Quarto. Mint


1282      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 13. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, February 27, 1999. 49 pp. 228 lots. Quarto. Cover ones bended. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                        20.


1283      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 15. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, October 16, 1999. 39 pp. 159 lots. Quarto. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                                       20.


1284      Gelos. Numismatic Auction 16. COINS AND MEDALS. Moscow, April 22, 2000. 40 pp. 1 lots. Quarto. Near Mint              20.


1285      A.G. van der Dussen b.v. Auction Sale 17. December 13-15, 1992. 2,000 lots. The majority of the sale was a Highly Important Collection of Russian Coins, Awards and Historical Medals and Decorations. Lots: 1 – 1264. With P/R. Octavo. Cover and some pages loose. Card cover. Fine                                                                                                             50.


This is Leonas Hermes’s auction room working copy with many notes, marks and prices all over the catalog. Comes with two pages of related Hermes’s handwritten notes.


1286      Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectables, Inc. Dr. John Kardatzke Collection of Ancient and World Coinage and selections from The Dr. Robert Hesselgesser Collection of RUSSIAN COINS. Beverly Hills, CA, June 7, 2000. Russian lots: 4128 – 4236 – gold; 5045 – 6001 – silver, bronze. Each coin is well illustrated. Even though most coins did not bring high prices – a very important sale of about 1,100 Russian coins! With photocopy of P/R. Octavo. Pictorial card cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                                 25.


1287      Adolph Hess(Nachf.). SAMMLUNG GRAF J.J. TOLSTOI – RUSSISCHE MÜNZEN DES 19 JAHRUNDERTS. Frankurt a. Main, 1913. 86 pp. XII plates, 3203 lots. All XII plates are late photocopies. Photocopy of P/R. Three Ex-Libris: 1) “Biblioteka Rudolfa Mekickiego we Lwowie”; 2) “Z friego zboru numizmatucznego Rudolfa Mekickiego we Lwowe” – a very fine numismatic book plate!; 3) “Leonid Rabinovich (New York)”. Hard bound with attractive ‘Art Nouveau’ card. Octavo. Fine                                                                                                                                                                             200.


1288      Adolph Hess(Nachf.). RUSSISCHE MÜNZEN DES 19 JAHRUNDERTS. DUBLETTEN RUSSISCHER MUSEUM. Katalog 204. Frankurt a. Main, February 18, 1931. A famous Hermitage Duplicate Sale. With photocopy of P/R. Very nice clean catalog, but front cover is loose. Still Very Fine. Octavo                                                                                                   400.


1289      Adolph Hess(Nachf.). RUSSISCHE MÜNZEN DES 14.-18. JAHRUNDERTS. DUBLETTEN RUSSISCHER MUSEUM. Katalog 210. Frankurt a. Main, April 25, 1932. A famous Hermitage Duplicate Sale. With photocopy of P/R. Very Fine or better. Octavo                                                                                                                                            400.


1290      Hess Adolph AG Luzern and Bank Leu & Co. AG. Auction 27. October 14-16, 1964. 1,592 lots, featuring a Constantine Ruble and other important rarities. Also important for Baltic, Polish and European numismatics. The cover has been protected by scotch tape in three places. Quarto. Soft cover. Very Fine                                                                               50.


1291      Hess Adolph AG Luzern and Bank Leu & Co. AG. Auction 39. RUSSIAN. Münzen-Medaillen-Orden. November 7, 1968. 590 lots, 24 plates. Sederman property 1968. One of the most important auctions of Russian coins in terms of quality and rarity. With original estimate list and photocopy of P/R. Yellow stains on cover. Quarto. Soft cover. Very Fine        60.


1292      Hermes C. Leon. RARE COINS AND MEDALS of IMPERIAL RUSSIA and MODERN GREECE. Bulletin Summer 1978. New York. 12 pp. 266 lots (Russia) + 118 (Greece). Card cover. 12 mo. Very Fine                                                              10.


1293      Hermes C. Leon. RARE COINS AND MEDALS. IMPERIAL RUSSIA & MODERN GREECE. Bulletin February 1979. New York. 16 pp. 299 lots (coins), + 92 (medals) + 34 (Greece). Card cover. 12 mo. Fine                                                            10.


1294      Hermes C. Leon. COINS, MINORS, PATTERNS, MEDALS, AND DECORATIONS. IMPERIAL RUSSIA, USSR AND MODERN GREECE. Catalogs: Summer 1981, Winter 1982, Summer 1983. New York. 16 pages. Fixed price lists. About 900 items in total. No illustrations. Interesting                                                                                                   (Lot of 3) 10.


1295      Kende Galleries at Gimbel Brothers. BESPALOF COLLECTION OF RUSSIAN COINS. The Most Important Russian Collection ever offered in America consisting of rare Gold, Silver and Copper Coins. Part 1. Coins from 1462-1801. New York, 1944. Russian Numismatic Society reprint, 1982. 17 pp., 5 plates. 225 lots. C-S 11212. 12 mo. Card Cover
Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                  20.


1296      As above. Photocopy                                                                                                                                                                 5.


1297      Kolbe, George Frederick. IMPORTANT NUMISMATIC BOOKS. The Leon Hermes Russian Library. Sixteenth Annual auction sale. New York, December 6, 1997.  375 lots, illustrated. Russian lots: 1-122, 223, 271, 294, 314. Foreword by R. Zander, Introduction by G. F. Kolbe. Featured are many important pre-1917 references works and auction sale catalogs. Important. With P/R. Octavo. Blue card cover. MINT                                                                                                               20.


1298      Konasov I. auction of collection of Russian coins, collection of S. A. Markov. АУКЦIОН РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ. Коллекция принадлежащая С. А. Маркову. Part I – May, 4, 11 and 18 1908. Part II – January 4, 11, 18, February 15, March 1, 1909.  800 and 1400 lots of Russian coins. Russian Text. Paper cover                    (Set of 2) 15.


1299      Kopilov B. AUCTION OF THE COLLECTION OF RUSSIAN 19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN COINS OF G.G. BLANK. АУКЦОНЪ СОБРАНIЯ РУССКИХЪ МОНЕТЪ XIX CТОЛЕТIЯ. Коллекция, принадлежавшая Г.Г. Бланку. Part I (January 13, 20 and February 3, 1907), Part II (March 2, 9, 16 and 30 1907). Part III (April 20 and 27, 1907). 687, 1344 and 517 lots. In Russian. Important. Photocopy. Octavo. Paper cover                                                              (Set of 3) 25.


1300      Kopilov B. AUCTION CATALOG OF DUPLICATES OF COLLECTION OF COUNT I. I. TOLSTOI Compiled by Ch. Gill КАТАЛОГЪ АУКЦIОНА ДУБЛИКАТОВЪ КОЛЛЕКЦIИ ГРАФА И. И. ТОЛСТОГО подобранных Хр. Хр. Гилемъ. St. Petersburg, 1909. From Peter I to Nicholas II. 1184 lots. The most complete offering of copper coins of 20th Century, with P/R. Photocopy. Poor quality. Octavo                                                                                                              15 .


1301      NASCA. THE WAYTE RAYMOND COLLECTION. COINS and CURRENCY OF THE WORLD. Part III. New York, August 14-16, 1978. Russian lots: 3582 – 3718. A very important sale of Russian Novodel issues. Comes with illustrated supplement. Printed card cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                         25.


This is B. Brekke’s copy, with his hand written notes and prices realized in margins.


1302      Ponterio & Associates, Inc. C.I.C.F. ‘O1. Chicago, April 27-28, 2001. 2,614 fine quality and rare coins of the World. Russian coins and medals: 760 – 820 – gold, 2266 – 2364. With photocopy of P/R. Quarto. Card cover. Near Mint               15.


1303      Renaissance Auctions LLC. RUSSIAN COLLECTION. Philadelphia, August 13-14, 2000. 984 lots. A highly important collection. The Russian coins sold for over $2 million in two days. A must reference! With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial card cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                             25.


1304      Schulman J. CATALOGUE d’une COLLECTION DE MONNAIES RUSSES. December 12. 1931. Michael Garshin Collection. 438 lots. Photocopy. Blue card cover                                                                                                                10.


1305      Schulman Coin & Mint, Inc. THE CARL ORTON COLLECTION SALE… New York, February 26-March 1, 1973. 152 pp., 1,943 lots, illustrated. Including: A SPECIALIZED COLLECTION OF RUSSIAN COINS, MEDALS, ORDERS. Lots 1637 to 1793. Many important pieces. Small octavo. Printed card cover. Very Fine                                                       30.


1306      Schulman Coin & Mint, Inc. Rarities World Gold Coins, Medals of the Vatican, RUSSIA, China, Japan and other Countries. October 15-17, 1974. Russia - Lots 226 to 261; 1112 to 1248. Many important pieces. Comes with Illustrations supplement. Collectors notes on boards. Small octavo. Printed card cover. Very Fine                                                       30.


1307      Schweizerischer Bankverein. MÜNZEN UND MEDAILLEN. Basel, January 27-28, 1981. World coins - 1,731 lots. Russian lots: 1,210 – 1,489 – Coins and large group of historical medals. Very important sale. With P/R. Hard cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                               75.


1308      Schweizerischer Bankverein. GOLD und SILBERMÜNZEN. Basel, January 23-25, 1990. Important World coins – 2,414 lots. Russia: 1646 – 1842. Important. Also good for multiple Talers; modern Greece, etc. With P/R. Collectors notes in margins. Hard cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                                                                                  25.


1309      Henry Selingmann. Münzen und Medaillen. Katalog IX. April 13, 1931. 1,541 lots. 16, (2) fine plates. Highly important collection of Russian Coins & Medals, mainly gold # 111 – 332. Apparently another Russian museum sale. Rare and very nice clean catalog. Printed card cover. Good Very Fine                                                                                                       125.


1310      Sotheby & Co. THE PALACE COLLECTION OF EGYPT (KING FAROUK). The highly Important and Extremely Valuable Collection of Coins and Medals, the Property of the Republic of Egypt. February 24-28 & March 3, 1954. 2,798 lots, 37 plates, index. Small Quarto. Printed green card cover. C-S 8013. Numerous Russian rarities, including Schubert’s Constantine Ruble, patterns, platinum, etc. Very Fine                                                                                  75.


1311      Sotheby’s. CATALOGUE OF RUSSIAN PRINTED BOOKS. Comprising the property of Mr. P. C. Landry and other properti       s. London, November 23-24, 1981. 518 lots (mostly multiple). A landmark sale of Russian numismatic and other literature. Illustrated. Octavo. With P/R. Printed green card cover. Very Fine                                                                         50.


1312      Sotheby’s. THE BRAND COLLECTION [PART 4]. London. November 3, 1983. RUSSIAN AND POLISH COINS together with FIVE IMPORTANT SWEDISH ISSUES. With P/R. Prices realized, also notes. Brown card cover lettered in gold. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                75.


1313      Sotheby's. COINS, MEDALS AND BANKNOTES. London, April 25-26, 1996. 1,061 lots, including 530 Russian coins from the W. Fuchs Collection. Part I.  Very important. Xerox of P/R. Octavo. Near Mint                                           30.


1314      A complete set of three Sotheby’s catalogs of the Willy Fuchs Collection. Including two catalogs above and Sotheby's. COINS, MEDALS AND BANKNOTES. London, October 3-4, 1996. 1,169 lots, including 332 Russian coins from the W. Fuchs Collection. Part II. Very important. Xerox of P/R. Octavo. Near Mint                                               (Set of 3) 90.


1315      Superior Stamp & Coin. THE MOREIRA COLLECTION SALE, Part 2. New York, December 10-11, 1988. World and Ancient coins. Including a Highly Important Collection of Russian Gold Medals (the majority - ex Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich collection). Lots 1189 – 1688. With P/R. Pictorial card cover. Very Fine                                                     75.


1316      Superior Stamp & Coin. THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION AUCTION. December 5-6, 1997. 2,437 World coins. Russian lots: 295-316 – Historical Medals in Gold; and 993-1144. Important. With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial card cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                        15.


1317      Superior Stamp & Coin. THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION AUCTION. December 3-4, 1999. 1,890 lots of Ancient, European and World coins. Russian lots: 332-356 – gold; 1058-1207 – silver and bronze coins, including many important pieces. With photocopy of P/R. Pictorial card cover. Near Mint                                                                         15.


1318      World Art Medals (Robert L. Levin). RUSSIAN MEDALS. Fixed price list in 4 parts. 8, 8, 11, 11 pages. Well illustrated. Photocopies. Octavo. Useful                                                                                                                                        15.         


1319      As above. Part 1. Original. Card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                15.


1320      As above. Part IV. Original. Card cover. Very Fine                                                                                                               15.


See also European section for more catalogs of World Art Medals


1321      UBS. FIFTY NUMISMATIC RARITIES. Auction 50. Basel, January 30, 2001. Russia – 4 lots – Historical medals in Gold and 1839 12 Roubles. A luxurious catalog of premier coins and medals. Pictorial laminated hard cover. Near mint     25.


1322      UBS. Gold and Silver Coins. Auction 53. Basel, January 29-31, 2002. 2,643 lots. Russian lots – 1865 – 2291. Important. Pictorial laminated hard cover. Near mint       25.


1323      World-Wide Coins of California. Auction sales. Beverly Hills, CA and later Santa Rosa, CA. B. Brekke Russian
Novodel Collection Part I (1979), Auctions: II, III, VII-X, XIII, XXIV, XXX, XXXVI-XLI.
All these catalogs are
highly important and indispensable references for Russian coin and medal collectors. While other world coinage is
offered, the Russian sections are large and very useful.
Colored Card covers. Octavo. Many with P/R. All Very Fine to
Near Mint                                                                                                                                                             (Lot of 16) 175.


1324      World-Wide Coins of California. Auction sales. CA. Auctions No.: XXXVI, XXXVII, XXIX, XLII Colored Card covers. Octavo. Very Fine to Near Mint                                                                                                                                    (Lot of 4) 30.




ISLAMIC and Related Coinage


1325      Album S. A CHECKLIST OF ISLAMIC COINS. 1st edition. Santa Rosa, 1993. 68 pp. Card cover. Near Mint               5.


1326      Album S. A CHECKLIST OF ISLAMIC COINS. 2nd edition. Santa Rosa, 1998. 151 pp. Quarto. An indispensable reference for all Islamic collectors. Green card cover. Near Mint                                                                                          15.


1327      ANTIQUITIES OF THE NOVGORODIAN VOLGA REGION. Drevnosti Nizegorodskogo Povolz’ya. Numismatic essays. Nizhny Novgorod, 1997. 194 pp, 15 photo plates, numerous charts. 13 scholarly articles on the coinage of the Golden Horde, Giray Khans and Central Asian dynasties. Russian Text. 148 by 198 mm. Card covers. MINT                    25.


1328      Davidovich E. HOARDS OF ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL COINS FROM TADJIKISTAN. Kladi Drevnich iSrednevekovich Monet Tadzikistana. Academy of Science of the USSR. Institute of Oriental Studies. Moscow, 1979.  462 pp. Including 8 plates with drawn coin types reconstructions and 26 photo plates. Numerous charts and tables w/in text. Russian Text. Includes coin legends in Arabic script. Information on 84 coin hoards. A great deal of new research. Important. Octavo. Hard bound, green cloth. Very Fine                                                                                                                                  50.


1329      Davidov/ich E. THE CORPUS OF THE 16th CENTURY SHAYBANID GOLD AND SILVER COINS. Korpus Zolotich I Serebryanich Monet Sheibanidov. Moscow, 1992. 504 pp., 56 plates. This monumental work consists of III Parts. Part I: Source study of Numismatic material. Part II: Description of types of Gold and Silver coins. Part III: Catalogue of Gold and Silver coins. Includes a listing of countermarks on Shaybanid Silver coins and a Mint Index. Represented  coins are from Russian and Foreign Museums as well as Private collections. Russian Text. Table of Contents in English. An iIndispensable reference on the topic. Octavo. Pictorial blue hardbound. Very Fine                                                                                35.


1330      Djalagania I. Coins Hoards of Georgia. HOARD OF SASSANIAN AND BYZANTINE COINS FROM CTITELI CTKARO. Monetniye Kladi Gruzii. Klad Sassanidskich I Vizantiiskich Monet iz Tziteli Tzkaro. Tbilisi 1980. Russian Text. 142 pp. plus LVI plates. Soft cover. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                                                                       20.


1331      ORIENTAL EPIGRAPHICS. Epigrafika Vostoka. A periodical. Academy of Science of the USSR. Institute of the Oriental Studies. A collection of articles by top specialists in archaeology, numismatics, and epigraphy of the Caucasus region and Central Asia. Russian Text. Illustrations and plates. With coin legends in Arabic script. Each with printed card cover. Quarto. All Very Fine:


XXI. Leningrad 1972. Krachkovskaya V. [Ed.]. 94, (3) pp. 10 numismatic articles                                                          25.


1332      XXII. Leningrad 1984. Piotrovskii B. [Ed.]. 85, (2) pp. 1 numismatic article – Supplement to the Work of E. Zambaur
– “Die Münzprägung Des Islams”                                                                                                                                           15.


1333      XXIV. Leningrad 1988. Piotrovskii B. [Ed.]. 124, (3) pp. 6 numismatic articles                                                              25.


1334      Fedorov-Davidov G. [Ed.]. TOWN of BULGAR. Gorod Bulgar. A collection of articles on the archaeology and history of Bulgar. Kazan,1987. 231 pp. Including: Fedorov-Davidov G. Monetary History of Bulgar pp. 158-205. A very extensive essay on Golden Horde numismatics. Entire monetary history and coin catalog of the mint of Bulgar – Middle of 1200’s to 1400’s. The only information source on most of the issues. Detailed dies reconstruction. With coin legends in Arabic script. Pictorial hard cover. Octavo. Very Fine                                                                                                                                    25.

1335      Gafurov B. and Litvinskii B. [Ed.]. CENTRAL ASIA IN ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL TIMES. Srednyaya Asiya v Drevnosti i Srednevekov’ye. Academy of Science of the USSR.  Institute of the Oriental Studies. Moscow, 1977. 20 research articles by top Russian specialists on different aspects of Central Asian history and archaeology. Including two important articles by Prof. E.A. Davidovich on Samanid and Qarakhanid numismatics. 190, (3), pp., 44 plates. Russian text. English summary. Green cloth with black lettering. Quarto. Fine                                                                                                       35.


1336      Lang, David M. STUDIES IN THE NUMISMATIC HISTORY OF GEORGIA IN TRANSCAUCASIA. Based on the Collection of the American Numismatic Society. American Numismatic Society Numismatic Notes and Monographs № 130. New York, 1955. x, 138 pp., maps, 15 fine plates. Original printed tan card cover. A few stains. Very Fine  40.


1337      Numismatik Lanz München. Auktion 93. Privatbibliotek R. GÖBL. München, June 6, 1999. 1,043 lots of books from the private library of Prof. Robert Göbl. Printed violet card cover. Octavo. Very Fine                                                     10.


1338      Mitchiner M. Oriental Coins and Their Values. THE WORLD OF ISLAM. London, 1977. 511 pp. Profusely illustrated. Price catalog of 4,011 coins of the Islamic World. Folio. Blue cloth lettered in gold. Near Mint                                         150.


1339      Mitchiner M. Oriental Coins and Their Values. NON-ISLAMIC STATES & WESTERN COLONIES AD 600-1979. London, 1979. 640 pp. Profusely illustrated. Price catalog of 4,785 coins. Folio. Blue cloth lettered in gold. Near Mint


1340      Nercessian Y. ARMENIAN COINS AND THEIR VALUES. Los Angeles 1995. 256 pp. 48 plates. Hard cover. Out of print. Mint                                                                                                                                                                                            75.


1341      CENTRAL ASIAN NUMISMATICS. Numizmatika Tsentral’noi Azii. Volume II. Tashkent, 1997. Rtveladze E. [Ed.]. Collection of articles. 52 pp., illustrations in text. Printed yellow card cover. Very Fine                                                     10.


1342      As above. Volume IV. Tashkent, 1997. Rtveladze E. [Ed.]. 52 pp., illustrations w/in text. Printed yellow card cover.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  10.


1343      As above. Volume V. Tashkent, 2001. Rtveladze E. [Ed.]. 104 pp., illustrations w/in text. Printed yellow card cover.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  10.


1344      Erüreten M. OTTOMAN MEDALS AND ORDERS. Documented History. Osmanli Magalyalari ve Nişanlari. Istanbul, 2001. 384 pp. Fully illustrated in color. Luxurious edition. Folio. Red cloth. Pictorial dust cover. Near Mint                   100.


1345      Rtveladze E. THE ANCIENT COINS OF CENTRAL ASIA. Tashkent, 1987. 182 pp. Fully illustrated in color. In English, Russian and Uzbek. A very helpful reference of coins of Pre-Islamic Central Asia. 12 mo. Hard cover with pictorial dust cover. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                         40.


1346      Seifeddini M. MONETARY MATTERS AND MONEY CIRCULATION IN AZERBAJAN IN 12th – 15th Centuries. Monetnoye Delo i Deneznoye Obraschenie v  Azerbaidzane XII-XV vv. Volume II. 243 pp., incl. 17 plates. Charts in Text. In Russian.  With monetary inscriptions in Arabic script. Very Fine                                                                                        25.


1347      Teisenhausen V. NEW COLLECTION OF ISLAMIC COINS OF A.V. KOMAROV. Novoye Sobraniye Vostochnich Monet A.V. Komarova. 36 pp., 2 engraved plates plus genealogical trees of Argunids and early Chinghizids (Great Mongols). Photocopy of cover page. Rare. Pages loose, very light foxing. Very Fine                                                    75.


1348      Zeimal' I. ANCIENT COINS OF TADZIKISTAN. Drevniye Moneti Dadzikistana. 1983. Russian Text. 309 pp., plus 32 plates. Soft cover w/ dust cover. Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                               40.


Auction sales Catalogs.


1349      Baldwin’s and Arabian Coins and Medals. ISLAMIC COIN AUCTION in LONDON. No. 6. May 7, 2003. 594 lots.
Mint                                                                                                                                                                                             10.


1350      Baldwin’s Auctions. Auction 25. The Ken Wiggins Collection of Coins of the Indian Princely States and the East India Companies. May 8, 2001. 853 lots. Important. Cover slightly bent. Near Mint                                                                   10.


1351      Stack’s. COINS OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD. New York, December 2, 1997. 30 pp. 263 lots. An important specialized sale. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                10.



1352      Bikov A. COINS OF CHINA. Moneti Kitaya. Leningrad, 1969. 74, (3) pp., including XXIII quality plates with coins and 4 color plates. Interesting. Covers somewhat loose and frayed, but clean inside. Paper cover. Octavo. Fine                30.


1353      Bruce C. [Ed.]. UNUSUAL WORLD COINS. 2nd edition. Krause publication. Pictorial laminated card cover. Octavo.
Very Fine                                                                                                                                                                                  20.


1354      Brunk G. MERCHANT COUNTERMARKS ON THE WORLD COINS. Rockford, Il 1989. 157 pp. numerous illustrations throughout text. Prices for each item. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                                    20.


1355      Jess Peters, Inc. Sale 78. COINS and TOKENS of the CARIBEES by Ray Byrne. June 13, 1975. The most comprehensive modern sale of Caribbean material. A standard reference. Octavo. Pictorial paper cover. Very Fine                                     25.


1356      Kann E. ILLUSTRATED CATALOG OF CHINESE COINS (Gold, Silver, Nickel and Aluminium). New York: Mint Production, 1966. 476 pp., plus 224 quality plates.  Hard cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                            75.


1357      Sotheby’s. The Uruguayan Treasure of the River Plate. El Tesoro Uruguayo del Rio de la Plata. New York, March 24-25, 1993. 141 pp. 770 lots. Important. Comes with P/R. Octavo. Near Mint                                                                   15.


1358      Spink America. Ancient, Foreign and US Coins and Banknotes. December 11-12, 2000. Featured are several specialized collections: The Halpert Collection of Tibetan and Nepalese Coins and Currency (310 lots); Jewish Coins and related issues (43 important coins). 988 lots in total. In color and b/w. Pictorial card cover. Octavo. Very Fine                             10.


1359      Superior Galleries. THE IRVING GOODMAN COLLECTION OF CHINESE COINAGE. June 3-4, 1991. 2,105 lots. 156 pp. A landmark sale. Comes with list of P/R. Very Fine                                                                                                     20.


1360      Smith & Daughter. Miami, Fl. Rare & Choice COINS of ECUADOR. Sept. 25, 1996. 244 lots. 42 pp. Very Fine       10.


1361      Bonhams. THE ALEXANDER PATTERSON COLLECTION.  July 16-17, 1996. 933 Lots. An important Spanish Colonial collection assembled by the “Pillar King.” Includes P/R. Very Fine                                                                 15.


1362      Spink, Hong Kong. Coins, Medals and Banknotes. Nov. 28, 1995. 557 lots, the majority of which Asian. Very Fine 10.


1363      The Journal of East Asian Numismatics. Lot of 3: #1, 1994, #5-6, 1995; # 12, 1997. Very Fine                           (Lot of 3) 10.




References on Numismatic books and divers books


1364      Clain-Stefanelli, E. SELECT NUMISMATIC BIBLIOGRAPHY. New York, 1965. 406 pp. Green leatherette with gold lettering. Hard bound. Quarto. Fine to Very Fine                                                                                                            20.


1365      rankfurter Münzhandling GmbH. BIBLIOTEK DER FIRMA SCHULMAN AMSTERDAM. Frankfurt a. Main, December 1-2, 1995. 1,726 lots. Pictorial laminated card cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                       5.


1366      THE PAUL M. FEKULA COLLECTION. A Catalogue. Two volumes. New York: The Estate of Paul M. Fekula (at Harvard University Press), 1988. Print run only 300 copies. Large Folio. 1xx, (2), 424, (xii), 394 pp. Red cloth, slipcase. Near Mint                                                                                                                                                                                          350.


This is a remarkable bibliography detailing the Russian and Slavic Collection of Paul M. Fekula (1902-1982). “The most important collection of Russian books and manuscripts ever amassed by an individual in the West.” This annotated bibliography describes 7,244 items and includes author descriptions and bibliographical citations. Descriptions include works in almost every subject matter, including history, archaeology, numismatics, ethnography, religious, monarchies…


1367      Karl W. Hiersemann. Catalog 28. NUMISMATIK, GENEALOGIE, HERALDIK. Leipzig, 1887. A catalog listing of 454 books, 266 of which numismatic. 24, pp. Original paper cover. Front page supported by thin paper tape. Modern red leather and cloth binding. 12 mo. Rare.  Some foxing. Very Fine                                                                                                    75.       


1368      Karl W. Hiersemann. Catalog 49. NUMISMATIK, GENEALOGIE, HERALDIK. Leipzig, 1889. A catalog listing of 489 books, including 277 numismatic lots. 24, (2) pp. Original paper cover. Modern red leather and cloth binding. 12 mo. Light foxing. Rare and well preserved. Very Fine                                                                                                                               75.       


1369      George Frederick Kolbe. Group of sales catalogs: Auction sales: LVIII, LX, 62, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70. Fixed Price - # 42-44. Joint New York Sales with Spink, London # 10-15. A great deal of information on numismatic references by the world’s premier numismatic book dealer. Few with P/R. Several catalogs have collectors notes, and some dog-eared pages. All Quarto. Fine to Near Mint                                                                                                                                            (Set of 16) 100.


1370      George Frederick Kolbe. Joint New York Sales with Spink, London # 11, 13, 15. Very Fine                           (Set of 3) 10.


1371      McMurtrie D. THE BOOK, STORY OF PRINTING & BOOKMAKING. New York, Oxford University Press, NY-Toronto. (1943). 3rd revised edition. xxxii, 676 pp. Octavo. Green cover with gold lettering. Hard bound. Some underlining in pencil and pen and some stray marks. Very Fine                                                                                                              175.


1372      Dr. Busso Peus (Nachf.). Katalog 331. NUMISMATISCHE BIBLIOTEK ADOLPH HESS. Frankfurt a. Main. April 29-30, 1991. 3,074 lots! One of the largest numismatic libraries ever sold at auction. Printed gray card cover bearing the portrait of Adolph Hess. Somewhat bent. Fine                                                                                                                                    10.


1373      Spink Taisei. Auktion 46. NUMISMATISCHE BIBLIOTEK SIEGMUND WERKNER INNSBRUCK. Zürich, April 2, 1993. 931 lots. Important. With P/R. Pictorial laminated card cover. Quarto. Very Fine                                                                10.


1374      Weyl A. Verzeichniss Reichhaltigen Bibliotek von Werken etc. über NUMISMATIC, sowie Heraldik, Historie etc. Berlin, April 15-16, 1901. 45 pp. 1,016 lots. Front and back pages supported by thin paper tape. Modern red leather and cloth binding. 12 mo. Rare. Fine     or better                                                                                                                                          75.      


1375      Wroth L. [Ed.]. A HISTORY OF THE PRINTED BOOK Being The Third Number of The Dolphin. Limited Editions Club, 1938. 507 pp. plus advertisement. 188 illustrations. Extremely rare book and excellent for publishers, book dealers and research in the field. Some library or Ex -Libris stamps (?) covered by stickers. Some underlining in pen. Hard bound.
Folio                                                                                                                                                                                          200.


1376      Unknown. CATALOGO DI LIBRI DI NUMISMATICA. Ca. early 1900’s. 14 pp. 252 numismatic literature lots with their prices. 1st – Acami Giacomo. “Dell’ origine…”. No cover. 12 mo. Very light creasing and foxing. Fine                     25.